Math Success in High School

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #186, Math Success in High School, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Math Success in High School

In “Math Success in High School,” Episode, #186, Meredith Curtis talks about that subject that many homeschool moms dread – MATH! High school success is easier than you think. You need confidence, a game plan, good study habits, and sometimes help from outside the home. You will be encouraged from this podcast and have a workable plan to move forward.





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Show Notes

If you don’t like Math, don’t tune me out.

4 Reasons Students Do Poorly in Math

  1. They think they can’t do it
  2. They have poor study habits when it comes to Math
  3. They do it in spurts rather than consistently
  4. Moms are afraid of Math and pass on the fear

What’s Great about Math?

  • Concrete – right or wrong
  • Incremental
  • Teaches Problem-Solving
  • Exercise for the Brain
  • Exercise for our Logic Muscle

Why Kids Can Be Confident in Math

  • Each child is fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Each child can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives us strength
  • Negative Voices in the Head can be Silenced
  • Study Habits & Game Plan are Key in Conqueroring Math

Game Plan & Study Habits

  • Do Math first thing (or as soon as you are awake) 4-5 times a week
  • Lead from Success to Success to Success
  • Learn each concept well before moving on (fractions, decimals, borrowing, order of operation, making 10)
  • Memorize Multiplication Tables
  • Memorize Basic Formulas

My Experience with Math

  • Early years to High school
  • Challenges & What I Did
  • Getting Help

Get Help!

  • Tutoring
  • Online Classes
  • Tutoring & Online Classes both Available at True North Homeschool Academy
  • Leanne – Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II

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Why Is Algebra 2 So Hard?

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Algebra 2 hard

Algebra 2 – Hard?

In Why Is Algebra 2 So Hard?, Episode #057, Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette share real conversations that they have had with concerned students and parents. Both have homeschooled for many years and have taught many of their children! In this episode be encouraged –you can teach Algebra.

Algebra 2 – You can Teach It!

Everything seems to change when students get to Algebra 2 and many parents and students are at a loss as to why or how to overcome the difficulties. Many are tempted to give up and skip the class altogether. Don’t do it! Listen in and learn why this class is so important, how to succeed.

If you have trouble with it, we are here to encourage and provide the help that you need! Get some great suggestions for preparing your younger students long before they even begin this difficult course.




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Algebra 2 – Notes

Why do I ask this?

Many students come to me for help in Algebra 2

Moms come to me frantic about how to teach Algebra 2

Students who have never needed help need it in Algebra 2

“A” Math students suddenly are failing math in Algebra 2 (more than Trig or Calculus)

Typical Math Schedule

Pre-Algebra (7-9th grade)

Algebra (8-10th grade)

Geometry (9-11th grade)

Algebra 2 (10-12th grade)

Trigonometry (11-12th grade)

Calculus (12th grade-college)

Why is it even necessary to take Algebra 2?

SAT and ACT assume a level of competency at this level

Almost every college degree requires Algebra 2 (also known in the USA as College Algebra)

All Science degrees require Calculus which requires Algebra 2


What is taught in Algebra 2?

Complete the square

Solve the quadratic

Conic sections

Irrational numbers (in the denominator)

Logarithmic functions and exponents


How Can You Prepare for Algebra 2?

Do math consistently from elementary to high school.

Do a little bit of math during breaks so you don’t lose it.

Memorize addition facts, “like making 10.”

Memorize multiplication facts.

Make sure you understand decimals and fractions.

  • Remember they are the same thing.
  • Make sure you properly understand “Cancelling Out”.
  • Example of Fractions Cancelling Out


Learn at a 90% or higher rate (because math is cumulative).

Have student correct all mistakes.

Surviving Teaching Math – MBFLP 157

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Math is fundamental to so many things, but it causes a lot of worry and distress among homeschool parents who have to teach it. The truth is, most of us won’t need calculus, but most of us use algebra frequently and never even realize it! How can you get over your own hesitation, calm your students’ fears (as well as your own), and see God’s hand in the beautiful order of mathematics? Join us for this episode when we talk about surviving the challenge of teaching math!


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