Gun Control, The Law & More

Gun Control

Gun control and so much more in this week’s episode.

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Debt Crisis

CurrentIssuesConstitutionThe debt crisis — is anyone listening? This session discusses one of the most pressing problems in Professor Wilson’s opinion that is undermining the US Economy here and abroad. Other issues are discussed as well!

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American Family – Values – Freedom – Faith

CurrentIssuesConstitutionWhat does the constitution have to do with it – allot! In this session Professor Wilson discusses the IRS attempt at regulating non-profit organizations such as the American Family Association in order to squelch fliers, tracks, and pamphlets with voting records and other kinds of handouts that help tax payers.

Terminology such as “writ of certiorari” and more

The articles and amendments discussed:

Article 2: Section 2

Amendment 10 was compared to Amendment 14 as it pertains to a District Judge shooting down Okalahoma’s voters ruling that marriage is between a man and a woman (Judge said it was a mater of the equal protection law).

Article 1: Section 5 – Clause 4

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Income & Equality – Legalization of Pot – Impeach Obama

CurrentIssuesConstitutionProfessor Wilson tackles the current administration’s tactics to steer voters away from the failed roll out of the health care system by using distracting tactics such as “Income and Equality.” He discusses the current states and the legalization of pot and attempts by some to gather support for the impeachment of Obama. Play the audio to listen …











Tax Payers will Subsidize Health Care & More Issues

CurrentIssuesConstitutionThis handout says it allĀ  – if the appalling events of the day aren’t enough to drive us to the antacids I don’t know what is… our trust lies in God and definitely not on the failed healthcare or the failure of lawmakers to block abortion providers. In this episode, Professor Wilson answers audience questions and comments on the issues happening in our day.

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Health Insurance – Abortion and the 10th Ammendment

CurrentIssuesConstitutionToday’s session recapped the continuing saga of the Healthcare Act, the legalities of abortion in regard to the 10th amendment of the constitution. Play the audio to listen …




Ongoing Health “Care” and Abortion Issue

CurrentIssuesConstitutionToday’s session recapped many important events such as “Affordable” Healthcare Act and the ongoing Congressional committee hearings with call for monthly reports. Discussion about what a liberal or conservative would say about the right to an abortion, the history of abortion and passing. Discussion of Amendment 10 which does not allow for Abortion.- play the audio to listen …

See the 07-_CurrentIssues&ConstitutionACA_AbortionIssue_WoodyWilson









NSA, ACA & 4-Pinocchios

CurrentIssuesConstitutionToday’s session recapped many important events such as the NSA leak with fingers pointed at the US Government and spying on our allies, as well as one of our attendees sharing the Vatican was spied on! We discussed the Affordable Care Act and the fallout from the website and Huffington Post giving the president 4-Pinnochios – sad but true. Both Article 2 and Amendment 10 were discussed and much more – play the audio to listen …

See the handout here 06-NSA_ACA_Constitution_HandoutCurrentIssues shared in class and main points.








Need to Know Debt Limit & Partisanship

CurrentIssues_ButtonHistory is being made and we are on the forefront with questions from our amazing live audience! Moderator, Felice Gerwitz hosts this session with presenter Professor Wilson. Professor Wilson begins with a recap of the events of the day as well the debt limit and situation with partisanship and the budget debts and limits.

Handout here –> (05-DebitLimitandMore_HandoutCurrentIssues)

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Show Host Spotlight – Interview with Professor Woody Wilson

Show Host Button 6 250Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Current Issues & The Constitution Radio Show, Woody Wilson in this informative Show Host Spotlight segment. Woody shares his background as a retired Veteran, Teacher and currently a college professor. He enjoys working with homeschool youth, since his exposure with students the last two years teaching an online class in American History and American Government & Elections (here). His love of his country and teaching students is a life-long passion. He brings a wealth of information to this class as well as answering student (and parent) questions during the live weekly events on Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern.

Felice Gerwitz is the founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and hosts the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show to shine a spotlight on the amazing show hosts of this network.