HomeschoolingIRL Episode 6: I’m Thinking About Homeschooling, But…

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HIRL-Episode-6 Thinking About HomeschoolingThinking about homeschooling? Have a friend who is?

 Are you thinking about homeschooling? On this episode of Homeschooling IRL, we’ll answer your burning questions about homeschooling, such as, “Will my kids have to raise their hands to ask to go to the bathroom?”, “What about the prom?”, and “Who gets to be the lunch lady?”
Just kiddin’. We’ve polled moms and dads who are thinking about homeschooling and asked them what concerns them most. We didn’t prompt or suggest their comments, and you just might find yourself relating to what they have to say.
When told they fear burnout, kids who turn out wacky, and their own academic shortcomings, we responded with honesty and transparency with some good old fashioned humor and self-deprecation mixed in. This is the stuff of real life!

Show Notes:

On this episode, Fletch recommends Kean Coffee

Kendra recommends Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Original Tea


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Vintage HS Moms – Joyful Homeschooling

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Meredith & Felice share tips for joyful homeschooling. Pointers are given to help you instill joy in your school day. Tough topics such as special needs, chronic illness and kids who are unhappy no matter what mom does.