Ultimate Checklists for April Freebie

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Happy April! Can you believe April is here already? April is full of fun activities and a special holiday for Christians. It is when we celebrate Easter. There are lots of thing to talk about with your family and Easter activities to plan. Our Ultimate Checklists for April can help you out greatly with planning your activities and traditions this month.

April ultimate lists text with phpto of easter basket with painted eggs.

How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Do you get up early on Sunday morning and do the Easter bunny and fun Easter egg hunts? Do you dress up for church in fancy Easter clothes? Is your focus solely on the Christian aspect of the life, death and glorious resurrection of Jesus?

Maybe you do both and celebrate with fun, kid friendly family traditions as well as religious traditions. Whatever you observe, there is a lot to plan and do this month.

Our family has never done the “easter bunny”, but we do have a tradition of doing Easter baskets. I will fill them with traditional candy treats. I also like to include some fun little special trinkets, a cute spring themed stuffed animal and usually a cross bookmark, and a new devotional.

We dress up for church though, now that my children are much older they don’t appreciate me dressing them in matching clothes anymore. As long as we can attend church together as a family that’s all I care about now.

After church, we have a nice Easter lunch together with ham and southern sides. We always like to invite friends that don’t have a place to go and celebrate Easter with them too. This is a great way to share the love of Jesus with others.

Easter Holiday Planning

If you have younger kids you know there are quite a few things that you may need to plan out. You won’t want to forget the Easter gifts, and planning outfits for church.

Then there are the Easter egg hunts. If you are in a homeschool group or play group you may have an egg hunt to attend. You won’t want to forget to get candies, stickers, treats and plastic eggs before they are sold out in the stores. I hate waiting last minute and scrambling the night before an egg hunt to stuff all the eggs. Especially if you have multiple children, this can take a while.

You may want to look for egg hunts in your neighborhood or attend one at a church. Make sure you get those on the calendar, because those dates creep up fast!

If you are hosting an Easter lunch you may want to do your grocery shopping early to make sure that items you need don’t run out with the shortages we have been seeing.

There is a lot to remember and plan out, and that’s why this month’s April Ultimate Checklist includes a lot of Easter planning so you don’t forget!

What is included in the April Ultimate Checklist?

This month’s checklist has 54 pages of planning help devoted to Easter and spring time activities. We love the checklists that are all ready for you so you don’t have to think about what you need to do. Of course, there are still the blank ones for those that like to plan everything out themselves and customize the lists for their families.

  • Checklists Guide – this is a breakdown on how to use your lists for the month, with suggestions to help you get started.
  • Objectives Worksheet
  • Weekly Planning Worksheet
  • Blank Printable April Calendar
  • Four square planner  – Faith, Kids, School and Household
  • Spring decorating ideas
  • Evaluation Weekly Worksheets
  • Motivational Posters with a Spring Theme
  • Printable April Checklist
  • April Holidays Printable Sheet
  • April Academic Checklist
  • Easter Prep Lists
  • April Goal Sheets
  • Easter Scavenger Hunt
  • Egg Hunt Planner
  • April Showers Sensory Activity and Craft
  • Chore Schedule Blank Sheet
  • Chore Schedule with Tasks
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Homeschool Weekly Planning Sheets
  • Meal Planning Helps and Suggestions

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