Raising Artists without Losing Your Mind with Lesli Richards

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IRaising Artists without Losing Your Mind with Lesli Richards and The Real Kathy Leen this episode, I invited Lesli Richards to join me to talk about the importance and beauty of including Art in your home without losing your mind. Lesli is the homeschooling mother of five and a former Classical Conversations director and tutor. In addition, Lesli is a dear friend and my business partner at The Homegrown Preschooler. Lesli stays busy schooling her blessings and traveling across the country sharing her passion for classical education and life long learning.

Lesli shared three reasons she believes art is a must in every home. She suggests that art be displayed on your walls, your screensavers, and in your books. Lesli and I talk about the importance of process driven art instead of product driven art for young children under the age of six. This process-oriented art develops the structure of a child’s brain, releases endorphins, and encourages the child to take risk when creating art. Art for young children should be open ended and parents should not have an expected result (eyes in a certain place, looks like a picture, etc…). Parents should invite children to create with a variety of materials, leaving the results up to the child.

Some of our favorite process art books for young children are written by Mary Ann Kohl and can be purchased here.  We also recommend our book, The Homegrown Preschooler for sensory table and Plexiglas easel plans and our curriculum, A Year of Playing Skillfully for a year of planned out art ideas (and other developmental areas).

We love buying quality art supplies for young children at Discount School Supply and Lakeshore Learning. We suggest you have the following in your supply closet, so that #saying yes is easier.

  1. Liquid Tempera
  2. Water Color
  3. Chalk Pastels
  4. Markers
  5. Crayons
  6. Colored Pencils
  7. Glue
  8. Large Plain Paper
  9. Roll of Paper
  10. Quality Paint Brushes
  11. A variety of other painting tools (kitchen gadgets, dog toys, and even plungers make great painters. Qtips make great painters for toddlers.)
  12. Smocks or dad’s old work shirts
  13. Shower Liner or Picnic Tablecloth to protect spaces
  14. Paint cups
  15. Collage materials (feathers, shapes, large sequins, fabric squares, tissue paper, string)
  16. Scissors
  17. Magazines
  18. Hole punches
  19. Shaving Cream
  20. Easel

Lastly, Lesli and I decided to offer two prizes to our listeners.  Post your creativity on our FB or Instagram with the hashtag #THGPmomscreate to enter yourself or #THGPkidscreate to enter your children. We will choose a winner in each category two weeks after this episode airs.

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Get out there and create some beauty!!!

You’ve got this,

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Lunch with Meredith & Felice – Curriculum Help

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Curriculum Choices help listen nowLet’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian!

Lunch with Meredith and Felice

Let’s Talk About Selecting Curriculum!

Meredith and Felice have homeschooled in the double-digits in terms of years – and they have the experience to share what works and what does not!

Want to teach in a way that stirs your children’s imagination or help them to reach for the stars? Join this broadcast as Felice and Meredith share some of their favorite books with you. You’ll be surprised to learn that not both have used a varied approach and just because they did “something” with one set of kids doesn’t mean they won’t change if something better works for the next.

Handout Here:Vintage-Meredith&Felice_Curriculum Choices


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10 Things Your Child Must Know About the Origins Debate

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Equip your kids to defend their Creation Position! 10 Must Know Points. #CreationScience #HSRadioNetwork

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Here she goes again! If you didn’t already know, Felice has a passion for teaching kids (and their parents) about the wonders of God’s Creation…but it goes one step further. Felice’s passion turned into a book series (selected by Cathy Duffy in her 100 and now 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum). Can you prove Creation? Can you prove evolution? Tune in at noon eastern and bring your kids (Mrs. Gerwitz says this counts as school) and learn the TOP 10 things your kids should know about the creation and evolution debate.







Vintage HS Moms – Keeping Kids Christian

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KeepingKidsChristianLet’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian!

Lunch with Meredith and Felice

You raise your kids and pray for the best that when they grow up and leave your home they will love and serve the Lord, right? Wrong. Join Felice and Meredith as they discuss key points to keeping kids Christian – real life struggles and how to bring the strays back into the fold.

Handout Here: Meredith&FeliceKeepingKidsChristian_VintageHomeschoolMoms