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Q&A with Ashley Smoot and The Real Kathy LeeWe had some great questions come in for this episode. I will be the first to say that I don’t have all the answers, but I usually do have an opinion. Hope you enjoy this candid Q & A with one of my besties, Ash-A-Lee!!!

1. Jessica asked…. “How do you follow the lead of your children in learning in an organized manner – when your 3 year old has simultaneous interest in volcanoes, bugs, the moon, rainbows, rocks all in a 24 hour period to circle back around to the topic again the next day.

2. Jennifer asked… “ How do you encourage a young child (3yrs) who is a perfectionist and at times explode into tears when things don’t go well or aren’t the way she desires them to be. There are times when her emotions can be polarizing and she makes her needs immediate. I am sometimes at a loss when it come to encouraging her, defusing stress and making sure that everyone else is getting attention too. I should mention these moments always seem to be at home. In public I think she’s too shy to express that much emotion.

3. Lauren asked… “ Tell me more about the nature journal. I have the binoculars, magnifying glasses and desire… but no idea where and when to start. Is there a handy backyard guidebook?

Also, we’ve been having fun playing but I want to do more read alouds. The only thing is that my youngest is just too noisy. Is that something about discipline or just age? Should I do read alouds when he’s asleep?

4. Amanda asked, “ Do you, and if so HOW do you find time for yourself to avoid burnout? I feel like I can keep it together for a couple of weeks – getting up early to get a jump on the day, spending much needed time with the Lord, being patient and sweet with the kids (LOL!), saying yes and playing skillfully, keeping up with laundry and cleanup, cooking meals… by 3rd week I start feeling spent and the laundry starts slipping, I’m inclined to order dinner out every night and my best-laid school plans fall behind. Do you have a strategy for self-refreshment?

I loved answering all of these questions on the show. If you have questions for me, submit them via FB or instagram (The Real Kathy Lee) or message me through the website.

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