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Have you been considering home schooling your child who has been struggling academically or is labeled with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder or dyslexia? Special Needs Homeschool 911Do you find that your child with unique learning needs has been happy-go-lucky all summer while the pressure of school has been off?  Are you seeing that now the closer to the start of school you come, the more anxious the child is?  Have you been considering home schooling your child who has been struggling academically or is labeled with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder or dyslexia?  Or, are you just wondering if you have the knowledge to continue home schooling a special needs child? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this podcast is for you.

You can look forward in this podcast to some interesting information about the purpose of education.  Dr. Jan will encourage you to write your personal goals for the education of your child.  What is really important?  Actually, that is a question all home school educators need to answer.  When you realize what is really important, the stress for you can be reduced, and you won’t be tossed by the wind of the next new curriculum or the next great suggestion from a friend.

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life really does take the guesswork out of your quest to educate your children.  The better the brain functions, the easier life and learning can be.  You might ask, “But aren’t we just born with all the brain power we are going to get, and you just have to work with what you have?”  For many years, educators echoed that understanding, but NeuroDevelopmentalists have known for over 65 years that the brain has plasticity.  This unique feature of the brain, allows it to change with the right kind of stimulation.  Learn how to release your children’s full potential with this and other Brain Coach Tips.

Homeschool Success with Your Struggling Learner

Homeschool Success With Your Struggling LearnerHomeschool Success with Your Struggling Learner with Dr. Jan Bedell

It seems more and more children these days have some sort of learning struggle that challenges their academic progress or gives them one of the common learning or behavioral labels like ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, OCD, bipolar, Asperger’s and the list goes on.   It is estimated that 1 in 5 US children suffer with a learning challenge, so you are not alone if you have a child that needs help for reading comprehension, help with math or has word recognition or other academic struggles.

As you may be experiencing, educating a child that is struggling academically, emotionally or behaviorally can be a real challenge. Sometimes when you are out there, seemingly alone as a homeschool mom, you can even start to doubt yourself and wonder if you are equipped for the job.  After all, the educators may have told you that you should let the professionals handle things.   Let me assure you, your precious little one is in the right place, at home!  If you are just now considering homeschooling your struggling learner, I highly encourage you to do so.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  1. School staff often recommend more one-on-one instruction for children that are struggling.  Brain Coach Tip – The best place to receive that extra attention is at home where love abounds.
  2. Often the suggestion is to label the child with a learning disorder. Brain Coach Tip – It is better find out what is causing the symptoms and address those directly instead.
  3. When parents are equipped with the right information, the sky is the limit to where their struggling learner can go.
  4. Giving input to the child instead of frustrating them by expecting so much output is important.
  5. The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life really does apply to all ages. It’s simply never too late!
  6. If you are new to Brain Coach Tips, you will find useful information in podcasts #17 &18 about root causes of reading and math struggles. In #15 & 16 discover answers for attention issues, and in 20, 21, and 22 you will receive answers for sensory challenges. Many of these issues are the root cause of labeling and medicating children. Changing the brain’s function through specific stimulation can avoid all that and secure the functional results you are looking for.
  7. Discover ways to make your homeschool a “no more tears, learning zone.”
  8. Acquire a strategy to change the atmosphere in your home from negative to positive.
  9. Find out why your child might not be seeing correctly even though his eyes check out as 20/20.
  10. Additionally, learn the reason why your child may get stressed with a test and often can’t remember what you know that he knows.

Helping you reach far beyond the limits of labels, learning struggles, and their negative effects is our goal at Little Giant Steps. You as a homeschool mom can open a brilliant future for your child through understanding how the brain works . . . or why it doesn’t currently seem to be working so well.

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