FREE Character Counts: Enthusiasm Planner

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When you think of the different character traits, enthusiasm doesn’t seem like one that you would normally need to work on with your children. Imagine if your children had a positive, happy, and joyful attitude for even simple every day tasks and school work. Do you know how that would change the entire feeling in your home? It would be an inviting place, and people would see a difference in your family and your life style.

Do your children need help being joyful and enthusiastic? This character planner will give you some great tips and printables to guides your children.

This month’s subscriber freebie is on the character trait of Enthusiasm.

When a child shows a lack of enthusiasm and grumbles and complains over tasks they are actually showing disrespect. This needs to be handled quickly or it can turn into more complaining and attitude problems that will be passed down to the rest of the family. It isn’t always easy, and doesn’t come naturally to some children but it can be taught through example.

This planner will give you the tools you need to teach your children to be enthusiastic and have a positive happy attitude. There are reflection sheets for you as the parent to journal about your children and to note their strengths and weaknesses. It well help you see how you can help them and encourage them in specific areas that they struggle with.

One great way to do this is by practicing in your own home. You can discuss how to encourage other family members and to try to be joyful. There are many examples, suggestions, worksheets and activities to help your children to think through their attitudes. It will give them ideas to be an encourager, and to be happy in all things. I really appreciate that there are scriptures to back up what is being taught, that we can show our children when they are struggling.

What is in this month’s planner?

The Character Counts planner helps you to easily plan out a 4-week study on the character trait of Enthusiasm.  Like always, the planning is done for you, which makes it completely open and go. It is also customizable, meaning you can pick and choose what you would like to use. The planners are not dated so that you can use them at any time. We like to print ours out and store them in a character training binder. You can easily access them and pull them out when you are dealing with a certain issue that needs to be focused on in your family. They are also a great addition to a morning Bible time. These are designed to be simple and fun, with activities for your entire family to participate in together.

Check out what’s inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study on Enthusiasm
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Trait Planning Worksheets
  • Create an Enthusiasm Poster
  • Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Certificate of Completion

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