Blessing the Next Generation – Pat Fenner

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Pat FennerHave you ever wondered why we don’t take the Bible more seriously when it comes to the topic of blessing our children and what it might look like on a practical level? What a fun talk I had about this topic with Pat Fenner, author of Blessing the Next Generation, on this week’s episode! 

Pat Fenner loves talking and writing about the topics closest to her heart: parenting and homeschooling. Her books, Blessing the Next Generation and Celebrating the Feast: A Christian Guide to Passover —evolved from family traditions she and her husband Paul have enjoyed in their 30+ years of marriage. Another e-book: Homeschooling Outside the Box, originally published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, describes some of the real-life activities she incorporated over the years in their own homeschool. She writes regularly at her blog, where she shares parenting and homeschooling encouragement and tools and is a regular contributor to various other faith, parenting and homeschool blogs.

Here are some of the questions that we chatted about:

  • I love the concept of blessing our children and I’ve always wanted to study this more. The Bible talks so much about this, particularly with regard to fathers and their sons. Tell us what first inspired the idea for this book.
  • Tell us, in practical terms, what this blessing event looks like and how you carried it out in your own family?
  • I love at the beginning of chapter 4 where you tell mothers to start studying their children, and how God seemed to highlight certain Scriptures for you related to each child. I believe it is so helpful in the process of lifeschooling, also, to be students of our children in order to guide them with their callings! Did you find that this event helped in finding their calling and life’s purpose?
  • One of your other books, Homeschooling Outside the Box, intrigues me because you talk about the real life experiences you incorporated in your homeschooling. I’d love to hear more about that!
  • How did homeschooling strengthen your relationships with your children?
  • What are some of the gifts that you saw in your children and how did you tailor their education around the development of those gifts?

If you want to learn more from Pat and purchase any of her books, be sure to visit her at You can also visit her author page on Amazon.