HomeschoolingIRL 067 – Boys, Again

Join Fletch and Kendra as they discuss homeschooling boys!

MBFLP 90 – Boys and Noise

Got boys? Then probably, you’ve got noise! This week we turn to a reader’s question about how to manage the volume (and tone!) of her energetic houseful of boys … four of them, eight and under. We’ve been there, and we’ll talk about the difference between simple boyishness and the things that actually need discipline, how to distinguish between fun and bullying, and more — join us!

MBFLP – Preparing Boys To Support A Family

Preparing Boys to Support a Family

One of the responsibilities of a husband and father is to provide for his family’s needs. We want our sons to be prepared for that role when they leave our home, but it doesn’t magically happen on their 18th birthday or graduating from college — it comes from lessons learned for many years beforehand! Are you thinking long term with your sons? Are you training them to think like providers, not consumers only? Are they learning the joy of “taking care of the family” in some way? This episode, we talk about all these things on the way to preparing boys to support a family!

MBFLP – Q&A About Boys 8 and Under

This episode we dive in to answer your questions about your younger boys. We all know boys are noisy but a listener asks “Why?” and we offer some possible reasons. A mom asks how to balance the attention she gives to each child when some require a lot more direction and guidance than others. and another asks the never-ending question, “How can we instill a good work ethic in our sons?”  Finally we offer encouragement to the mom whose husband doesn’t share her beliefs or concern to raise their sons to serve God. Join us for real life suggestions, practical encouragement, and a Biblical worldview about our younger sons!

MBFLP – Answering Your Questions About Raising Boys

MBFLP - Answer Your QuestionsWe’re answering real questions from our friends, fans, and listeners, about the challenge and blessing of raising boys – the early summer edition!

In this episode, we deal with

– What to do about lying and dishonesty
– Peer pressure about entertainment
– A very clingy, affectionate boy
– Balancing confidence and humility



For Instruction In Righteousness by Pam Forster (

Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp (

Boot Camp 9-12 – our five-week online seminar for parents of pre-adolescent boys

BOYS! – HIRL Episode 9

HIRL-Episode-9BOYS. Do you have them in your home? We do, too!

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, we’re talking boys and boy stuff and the funny antics that come with raising boys and the difficult topics, too. You know us: we won’t skirt the trickier subjects.

Hal and Melanie Young, authors of Raising Real Men, join us for today’s episode, too. Parents of 6 boys, Hal and Melanie get what makes boys tick and we had a super time chatting and laughing together. Let’s get in there and talk BOYS!


Episode 9 Show Notes

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Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching, and Appreciating Boys – Hal and Melanie Young’s super helpful book on the topic of raising boys to be men

Wild at Heart –  The book that made Kenj more willing to let boys climb ridiculously tall trees

Calvin and Hobbes – If you aren’t familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, where were you during the ’80’s???

Freebie eBook –  Raising Boys: 10 Simple Tips – Come and get it!  We wrote it and it’s FREE

iHomeschool Network – Friends of HomeschoolingIRL and a podcast covering the nitty gritty good stuff of homeschool logistics, from bloggers around the homeschool blogosphere.


Raising Real Men


The culture seems totally adrift on the concept of real, Biblical manhood–and it’s having an impact on boys and young men, even in our own families! God has plans and expectations for our sons, but the manly virtues we want to see when they’re grown are mighty challenging in the immature, untrained form we see in our boys. Join the parents of six sons as they talk about practical ideas for cooperating with God’s design and not just surviving, but enjoying, raising “real men” for His kingdom!