Brain Plasticity- God’s Special Gift

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Brain Plasticity - God's Special Gift

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, information about how the brain functioned was based on what scientists could observe.  The general consensus was that the brain was hardwired by the time you were an adult. In other words, it was believed you were stuck with what you had if you were past 20 years old.   As technology advanced and we could see inside the brain with MRI’s and other scans, it was confirmed that the brain changes all throughout life thus confirming there really is brain plasticity.  This will totally make sense to you if you have known someone that had a stroke that included paralysis, loss of speech or other poor functional abilities.  If after a time of therapy, the person gains function, the brain has changed.  This is an example of the brain’s plasticity in action.

What science now confirms with technology is what neurodevelopmentalists have known for years.  The brain changes and grows based on the stimulation that the person’s brain receives. When the stimulation is specific and targeted, the change in function can be dramatic.

The neural pathways in the brain are like roadways on a map.  When there are more roads on the map, there are more options on how to reach a certain location. With a choice of route, you can quickly choose the fastest, easiest way.  Everyone is happier if it takes less time, less fuel and less frustration.  If the brain pathways are increased, the same type of thing happens in the brain as on a road way.  The function of the individual is more efficient, which saves both time and energy.

Listen in as the Brain Coach helps you understand the important principle of stimulation through frequency, intensity and duration.  This principle can help your loved one function better in life!



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