12 Ways to use Canva in your Homeschool

12 Ways to use Canva in your Homeschool

175: 12 Ways to use Canva in your Homeschool

Canva is a very versatile graphics creation tool and in this episode, we explore 12 ways to use Canva in your homeschool.

To learn more about how Canva was started you can listen to Guy Raz’s podcast episode on How I built this.

1. Digital poster

2. Presentations

3. Digital cards / invitations

4. Websites

5. Videos

6. Comic strips

7. Photobooks

8. Infographics

9. Portfolios

10. Resumes

11. Design t-shirts

12. Games – trivia, bingo, word games etc

Bonus tip: add Google maps directly from Canva into a design.

Learn how to use Canva

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12 Ways to use Canva in your Homeschool

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