Fangirling over Brene’ Brown at Catalyst (Catalyst Leader, Atlanta)

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Fangirling over Brene’ Brown at Catalyst (Catalyst Leader, Atlanta)

As I mentioned last week, I recently attended my first ever Catalyst Leadership Conference.  Day one of the conference was inspiring and convicting, however it was Day two that I was really excited about. If I am being honest, the only way my business partner convinced me to attend was by telling me that Brene’ Brown was one of the speakers. Yep, I was going to that. It didn’t matter that I was hosting a big party around that time or would be packing up my house for a move the following week. BRENE’ BROWN, people. I was going to be there.

Fangirling over Brene’ Brown at Catalyst (Catalyst Leader, Atlanta)

First up on that Friday morning was Christine Caine. This woman flat out preaches. She tells it like it is regarding love and faith. She challenged us to stop talking and start doing; to make a difference, to believe big things, and live out our faith.

Next, Andy Stanley was back for more practical life lessons on leadership. Andy challenged us to think, What Would a Great Leader Do? This one really hit home as a mom. I am a leader in my home. How do I let my emotions fog my decisions? Do I lead my family to love, to accept those different from us, to step outside of our comfort zones, etc… Loved this talk so much.

JOHNNYSWIM…OH MY!!!! If you don’t know about this duo, shame on you (I didn’t either before this event ).  Johnnyswim is a lovely husband/wife music partnership. Listen to them TODAY. You are welcome.

Carlos Whittaker – Carlos put it all out there. After he showed this video of his family, he dared to be vulnerable and share some life mistakes. He referred to some of his decisions as spiders and recently wrote a book about his experience. I have such respect for this guy for taking off the mask of perfection and being real.


Finally, BRENE’ BROWN. When I say that I was on the edge of my seat with excitement, I was not exaggerating. I was screaming like a 10 year old girl at a Taylor Swift concert. 

Brene’ talked about our need for belonging. She mentioned how we are hard wired for connections. She encouraged us to hold hands with strangers.

Brene’ talked about her love for Maya Angelou (I am also a huge fan) and specifically the following quote:

I am always inspired when I watch, read, and listen to what Brene’ Brown has to say. As a big believer in the WORDS matter campaign (that I am officially starting right now ), I loved when Brene’ said that WORDS are dehumanizing and we need to speak truth to BS.

Brene’ hit home with the encouragement to have a strong back, a soft front, and a wild heart. YES. Will you join me? Let’s be tough and soft and full of love!

Lastly, Brene’ dared us to BE OURSELVES, BE SEEN and BELONG.

I hope you will find time for self -renewal this year. Whether it is a conference or just a weekend trip away, take time for YOU. YOU matter! YOU are worthy!

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