FREE Character Counts: Punctuality Character Planner

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This month’s subscriber only freebie is perfect for a new school year, and a busy Fall schedule. It is on the topic of punctuality. We all know that homeschoolers are not known for being on time. A big joke is that we don’t send our kids to school because we don’t want to get up early to take them! All joking aside, punctuality is a very important character trait to teach our children. Being late is a bad habit that can be hard to break, and it is important to start teaching them when they are young.

FREE Character Counts Punctuality Character Planner

Why punctuality is important:

The stigma that homeschoolers are always late is not a good one. It really does paint us in a bad light. I know it is extremely difficult if you aren’t used to getting up early, to try to get everyone ready and out the door on time. This is even hard to achieve when you have multiple children of all ages, including babies and toddlers. Most homeschooling families have a lot of small children, so it does make it harder for those mamas. It is important to try to make it on time.

I remember leading a homeschool group once and being so frustrated on field trip days. There would be many families waiting at a business for the rest of the families to arrive so that we could all go in together as a group. It was embarrassing and frustrating to the company that allowed us to come and tour their facility. That’s when we started changing the times to 15 minutes earlier so we could actually be on time!

With this month’s theme being on punctuality, Felice shares her heart and her experiences with you. She talks about how when she was an adult, she struggled with being late and getting her to kids to places on time. She also shares some many practical tips and advice on how she was able to break that habit with her children. This month’s planner provides some serious reflection on this topic. Your kids will have a chance to really think about why it is important to be on time. How being on time demonstrates care and love for others, and how to avoid being late by preparing in advance.

What is in this month’s planner?

The Character Counts planner helps you to easily plan out a 4-week study on the character trait of punctuality.  Like always, the planning is done for you, which makes it completely open and go. It is also customizable, meaning you can pick and choose what you would like to use. The planners are not dated so that you can use them at any time. We like to print ours out and store them in a character training binder. You can easily access them and pull them out when you are dealing with a certain issue that needs to be focused on in your family. They are also a great addition to a morning Bible time. These are designed to be simple and fun, with activities for your entire family to participate in together.

Check out what’s inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study Punctualilty vs. Tardiness
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Trait Planning Worksheets
  • Flexibility and Your Gifts Journaling Sheets
  • Activity Sheets and Create a Poster
  • Punctuallity Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Motivational Words Worksheet
  • Punctuality Blue Print
  • Create a Punctuality Poster
  • Certificate of Completion

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