Loving Children Who Have Experienced Trauma | Replay

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Loving Children Who Have Experienced Trauma with The Real Kathy LeeWhat is trauma?

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a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

What causes trauma in young children?

  • Past or Present Abuse
  • Stress in the home
  • Divorce
  • Death of Pet
  • Death of Family Member/Friend
  • Unhealthy environment
  • Adding a new family member.
  • Move
  • Witnessing something horrible, scary, or stressful. This can be a real life event or witnessed via media.

You don’t need to know what caused the trauma in order to help.
Behavior is Communication
GET CURIOUS…What is their behavior saying to you?

  • Withdrawn
  • Anxious
  • Misbehavior
  • Angry
  • Fearful
  • Powerless
  • Exhausted


If it is a big deal to them, it is a big deal. Try to stay unemotional during the most emotional times.

Children from hard places need to know they are safe, loved and Accepted, no matter what.

Essentials of TIC (Trauma Informed Classroom)
Connect – Focus on Relationships
Protect – Promote Safety and Trustworthiness
Respect – Engage in Choice and Collaboration
Redirect (Teach and Reinforce) – Encourage SkillBuilding and Competence
Hummer, V., Crosland, K., Dollard, N., 2009

10 ways to help…

1. Have a Routine.
2. Choose Your Words Carefully.
3. Provide a space for one.
4. Give permission to feel.
5. Honor their feelings.
6. Be available.
7. Be flexible.
8. Educate others.
9. Don’t expect to have all the answers (Ask them).
10. Create opportunities in the classroom for the child to experience success.

Make a plan…
What do you need to be prepared?

Who do you need to talk to?

Any unresolved trauma in your own background?

What needs to change in you OR your environment?

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