Homeschool AI Courses, Interview with Chris Remboldt

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Homeschool AI Courses, Interview with Chris Remboldt.

Homeschool AI Courses, Interview with Chris Remboldt

Homeschool AI Courses

As we transition into an era of artificial intelligence (AI), we can see how influential it could be for our kids today, both by including homeschool AI courses for learning about its applications and also by using it to pursue knowledge. One such AI wizard is Chris Remboldt from Future Homeschool. Chris is passionate about AI and believes in empowering young people with the knowledge and skills to harness its potential. Learn more about Chris’s journey into AI exploration and it helped shape Future Homeschool into making AI education accessible and engaging for teenagers.

BTW- Technology courses are useful for homeschool high schoolers. In fact, a few states require a some kind of technology course for high school graduation. (For a look at what credits teens need for graduation, check out this post.)

About Chris Remboldt

Chris’s homeschooling experience had a profound impact on his life. From a young age, he was immersed in a hands-on and book-rich environment from kindergarten through twelfth grade, and he never attended public school. In fact, the closest he got to it was taking standardized tests in Kansas. 

Chris says he was a “nerdy kid.” And his mom is still proud of the fact that he tested at a college level in most subjects when he was just ten years old. 

With no screens or video games, Chris’s childhood was filled with books, Legos, and the wonders of nature. He loved reading books like Little House on the Prairie and nature field guides. 

His parents encouraged him to explore and learn, instilling in him a love for knowledge and discovery. Moving to Tennessee, they began a truly unique educational journey: building their own house.

Chris learned practical skills and the value of hard work, doing everything from plumbing to electrical work, and they even tamed the land around the house. Chris recalls it as an incredible education and upbringing, and he considers it the best homeschool story because it taught him that all of life is education, learning so much through that experience

From Building Houses to Hacking AI

Chris’s fascination with technology began early on when he tinkered with VTEC laptops and wrote his first lines of computer language. As he grew older, he dabbled in hacking video games, pushing the boundaries of what was possible. This curiosity and desire to explore the edges of possibilities in technology led him to AI. 

Chris has been studying AI since 2018 and has used it to build web apps and create innovative projects and explore the endless possibilities it offers. His journey from building houses with the Pythagorean theorem to hacking AI showcases his passion for pushing the limits of what is possible.

AI has become an extension of his exploration of the world and a tool that empowers him to do things that would have required an entire team of developers just a few years ago.

The Importance of AI Education for Homeschoolers

AI has the potential to shape the future, and Chris believes that homeschoolers are the perfect audience to embrace and harness its power. By equipping teenagers with AI knowledge, they can become the architects of a better world. 

Future Homeschool offers a platform where Chris adds a new lesson each week based on his experiences in AI. Each week, students receive a new lesson based on what Chris has learned in AI. These artificial intelligence lesson plans cover a wide range of topics, from large language models to online entrepreneurship, providing teens with a comprehensive understanding of AI and its applications. There’s even a free course on Chat GPT that you can learn more about. 

The course is structured to be an elective, allowing students to earn credit for their homeschool transcript, all while fostering a supportive community where students can connect and collaborate.

Homeschoolers are the perfect audience for Future Homeschool because they are creative, curious, and wise. Chris’ goal is to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive impact in the world by providing them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the world of AI. 

He hopes to see graduates of his course starting their own tech companies. And, as an entrepreneur himself, Chris also plans to invest in startups that emerge from the Future Homeschool community, fostering a cycle of innovation and growth.

You are the future, and your potential is limitless.- Chris Remboldt

Homeschool AI Courses

In a world driven by technology, it is crucial to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Future Homeschool offers a unique opportunity for homeschoolers to learn more about the world of AI, explore its possibilities, and develop their entrepreneurial mindset. 

Chris Remboldt is paving the way for a future where teens can utilize technology to create positive change. Learn more about Future Homeschool, where your teen can join the exciting AI journey that will undoubtedly shape their future.

Keep pushing the boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and embracing the power of education. You are the future, and your potential is limitless.- Chris Remboldt

Connect with Chris Remboldt

You can learn more about how your teen can join Future Homeschool by Chris Remboldt. Also, learn how AI continues to shape our world through the Future Homeschool YouTube channel.

Also, for more technology ideas, check out the Homeschooling with Technology Podcast, here on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Thank you to Seth Tillman for editing the podcast. Also, thanks to Richie Soares with Homeschool & Humor for writing this blog post.


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