MBFLP 115 – Competition and Athletics

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MBFLP 115 - Competition and Athletics

If Christianity values self-denial, self-sacrifice, and love for others, how should we think of the competition and even stylized “combat” of modern athletics? Is it appropriate for a Christian to take part in competitive sports? Is there some contradiction between faith in Jesus and loyalty to a team? Leading into Super Bowl 50, we’ll take a look at what the Bible says about athletics and competiton …


00:50 – Should Christians avoid being involved in competitive stuff?
03:27 – The New Testament talks about the Christian walk in terms of competition and even warfare
04:44 – Winning, not at all costs, but in the right way and by the rules
06:30 – Moms may dislike competition for other than doctrinal reasons
08:00 – Boys seem to love competition
10:00 – When does competition cross a line and become bad?
14:00 – Considering how sports will impact your family life
16:39 – Athletic ability may be a gift to some in your family
19:30 – Competition is not always and only athletics
20:20 – What did the Puritans say about games and sports?
21:43 – Competition to motivate in school
22:50 – What can you do if there’s no homeschool athletic
25:50 – Being a Christian in church and on the field

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