3 Ways to Inspire Your Family with Christian Super-Heroes

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3 Ways to Inspire Your Family with Christian Super-Heroes 

In “3 Ways to Inspire Your Family with Christian Super-Heroes,” Episode, #123, Meredith Curtis reveals creative ways to teach church history in a way that will inspire your family to draw closer to the Lord. She likes to introduce her children to super-heroes—real ones—not from Marvel—but from the pages of history! God has had His heroes through the ages—not perfect men and women—but folks who were willing to surrender to His will and power. This great cloud of witnesses has poured out their lives to see the Gospel extended to the ends of the earth and believers grow to maturity. They have endured shame, trials, despair, and all kinds of troubles, yet remained faithful. Their example is an inspiration for us today! Introduce them to your children through biographies, movies, and Heroes-for-Jesus parties. After all, church history should be fun!




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Show Notes

Today’s heroes and where their power comes from.

God’s Super-Heroes.

How To Introduce Your Children to Church History

Give them heroes!


Well-written, interesting. Find the story.


  • Example: Heroes Then and Now series by Janet & Geoff Benge (older children to adults)
  • Example for Younger Children: Lightkeeper series for boys and girls/ 10 boys who…

Biographies within a story

  • Example: Torchlighter series

Picture Books

  • Voice of the Martyrs picture book series with St. Valentine, St. Patrick, William Tyndale, Richard Wurmbrand, and St. Nicholas.
  • Church History ABCs


Movies can be inspirational, but not always accurate. Example of The Inn of the Sixth Happiness about Gladys Aylward, missionary to China who works as a foot inspector to end foot binding and leads 100 children to safety. Still it is a warm, inspiring movie.

Chariots of Fire is an amazingly accurate portrayal of Eric Liddell, devout Christian, missionary, and Olympic gold medalist.

Luther, produced in 2003, is our favorite movie about Martin Luther.

Polycarp, another favorite produced in 2015 by Henline Productions, takes place in 2nd century Smyrna where Christians are facing intense persecution.

Amazing Grace, produced in 2006, is the story of William Wilberforce, a godly MP (member of Parliament) who led the way to get rid of slavery in the British Empire.

The Torchlighters Christian Heroes series is excellent with cartoons on a wide variety of Christian heroes like William Booth, John Bunyan, William Tyndale, Jim Eliot, Amy Carmichael, Perpetua, Samuel Morris, Harriet Tubman, Saint Patrick, and many more. There is so much depth to these movies that you will learn a ton while you watch them with your children.

Heroes for Jesus Parties

Fun way to introduce children and teens to Christian heroes

Children meet them and play games.

Teens dress up and give monologue.

Stations/Heroes dressed up/monologue/answer questions/game

For complete instructions with over 40 Christian heroes with monologue/bio, game to play, recipes, and costume ideas, purchase Celebrate Our Christian Heroes at PowerlineProd.

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Show Notes

There are so many super-hero movies out now. I have to stop and wonder what makes them so popular.

There are so many familiar heroes from my childhood, but boy; have they changed.

Different in values, morals, humility, respect for authority.

Relating to broken heroes and why we need heroes.

We are broken, but fixed by the One True Super-Hero.

Who are Christian heroes from the past?

How can they impact us?

How can they inspire us to greatness?

Let the Heroes Speak: Pope Gregory, Lady Jane Grey, Lottie Moon, Brother Andrew, Elisabeth Eliot, and Nicky Cruz.

One way that we learn about heroes is by having a Heroes for Jesus Party.

How to have a Heroes for Jesus Party: monologues, costumes, and games/activities.


Celebrate Our Christian Heroes by Meredith CurtisCelebrate Our Christian Heroes explains how and why to celebrate Christian heroes, as well as discussing reasons the author’s family stopped celebrating Halloween. Step-by-step instructions are given for planning and hosting your own Heroes For Jesus Party with monologues, costume ideas, and game/activity ideas for over 40 Christian Super-Heroes. A special bonus resource is the instructions and template to make your own Paul’s Journey to Rome Board Game! Enjoy!


Another resource is The Forgotten Podcast, a collection of hero stories that will inspire you!