Digital Gifts Your Children Can Create

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Digital Gifts Your Children Can Create

110: Digital Gifts Your Children Can Create

These are the 8 ideas for digital gifts your children can create that are mentioned in this podcast.

1. Create a video game with Scratch (show host FundaFunda Academy has a Christmas contest that includes basic Scratch tutorials as well as longer Scratch classes)

2. has lots of templates that can be used to create games like Hangman and Matching games, as well as a template to make an online board game.

3. Choose your own adventure book – easy to do with Google Slides

4. Digital Breakouts

5. Movies – use Powtoon, Stop Motion Animation etc

6. Online Jigsaw Puzzles – use Jigsaw Planet

7. Activity Book – include word searches, cryptograms, sudoku, etc

8. Cards and DigitalCoupons – use Adobe Spark, Canva

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy has a unit study to guide your children through creating digital gifts – you can find that here.

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Digital Gifts Your Children Can Create