Super-Hero Patrick! Life Lessons from Ancient History

Finish Well Radio Show, Podcast #109, Super Hero Patrick, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Super-Hero Patrick! Life Lessons from Ancient History

In “Super-Hero Patrick! Life Lessons from Ancient History” episode #109, Meredith Curtis introduces you to a Super-Hero of old: St. Patrick of Briton who served the Lord as a missionary in Ireland, converting most of the island to the Christian faith. Pirates, kidnapping, escape, and years of training prepared him for his Irish ministry where he faced down evil powers with confidence in the Lord! You will love his story of faith, courage, and victory!




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Show Notes

Today we say super-hero. In the olden times we called them saint.

St. Patrick is truly a super-hero!

Christian Home

Father Calpomius—civil magistrate, tax collector, church deacon


Patrick not walking with God like his parents

Pirates & Kidnapping

Vacation villa by the sea

Age 16

Life as a Slave

Sold in Ireland to a Druid tribal chieftan

Shepherded flocks

Gave heart to Christ—“holy boy”



22 years—traveled 200 miles to coast

Ran out of food but Patrick prayed

Freedom & Surrender & Training

Home to Britain

Studied to be Priest then Bishop

Called to A Dark Place

Dream of Irish asking him to come

A Showdown Like Elijah

433 AD vernal equinox same day as Easter—started an illegal bonfire

Dragged before Druid council—power encounter!

The Fruit of His Ministry

Ireland strongly Christian nation

A story of the faithfulness and compassion of God

Life Lesson

God allows trials to remove the dross and prepare us for the call on our life

The Lord loves sinners and puts that love in our heart

God is more powerful than the devil! His Word is true!

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