CLT Standardized Test (Replay)

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CLT Standardized TestCLT Standardized Test ~~ Lookout SAT/ACT-New Test in Town

The CLT Standardized Test is a new test that is taking on the SAT and ACT Tests. CLT stands for Classic Learning Test. A Harvard graduate wrote the test, standardized – get results right away. They will know the comparison of the other tests. Dave Wagner and Jeremy Tate

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Show Notes: CLT Standardized Test

What is the CLT?

  1. CLT – Classic Learning Test
  2. Been around a couple of years
  3. Jeremy Tate the co-founder of the CLT
  4. The new standard, deals with the complaints of the SAT and ACT – the values of Western Civilization
  5. Offered 5 x a year, a modern testing format, the student bring their laptop or tablet, they would get their scores immediately
  6. Very similar to SAT and ACT
  7. Overall goal is to have a better test and a better standard. CS Lewis passages or Charles Dickens
  8. They are accepted in 100 colleges
  1. What sections are on the test?
    1. Same as SAT and ACT – similar in how
    2. Verbal Reasoning 40
    3. Grammar 40
    4. Quantitative Reasoning 40
    5. The most you can get on the 120 and there is a conversion ; the highest score is a 117
    6. com
    7. Average ACT is 21 — Average SAT 1060 — Average CLT is 65
    8. Practice tests online
    9. Student guide as baseline score
    10. 2 Hours long without an essay
    11. You can take it unlimited times
  2. What is the format?
    1. Based on 120 minutes or 2-hour time limits
    2. 40 on reading 45 on grammar and 45 on math section
    3. Students will have their device, the timer goes off, and then you move on to the next section…
    4. Given about a minute per question and less than a minute
    5. Gives a predictability of the student’s college readiness
    6. com
    7. You can become a format
    8. Parents can proctor it for you
  3. What are the differences from the SAT/ACT
    1. Contemporary literature content is one of the big differences, western thought and tradition
    2. Based on thought provoking changes
    3. Analogies on the CLT that use to be on the SAT that are no longer on the test
    4. No essay
  4. What colleges accept the CLT?
    1. Reach out to the college
    2. Listed on the website
    3. About 100 colleges take this test
    4. Liberty, Bryan, etc.
  5. Does it have a PSAT equivalent contest?
    1. They have a CLT – 10 offered for a similar contest like the PSAT
    2. It is free, you can take the CLT and taken at the home, proctored by the parent
    3. Honor system
    4. Partnered NAS – National Association Scolars
    5. 108 or above on CLT – SAT 1480 and a 32 on ACT
    6. Take it 10th grade in April of 10th grade and gives
  6. What good news do you have about the CLT and College Prep Genius?
    1. Partnering with College Prep Genius, and the only program they recommend.
    2. Jean gets inside information
    3. Jean is working on a solutions guide
    4. Retired CLT test so that Jean can create a class for this test
    5. Very similar strategies SAT and ACT
  7. What is College Prep Genius doing with CLT?
    1. Students can purchase their student guide and solution guide to strategize how they can do better
    2. A module will be created by College Prep Genius
    3. Being on the ground floor
    4. com – only recommends Jean Burk, College Prep Genius
  8. What special code can you give to students?
    1. com – practice test – CPG18
      1. Contest for Apple watch!
      2. Cut the tuition down to $25 for the test


Professor at Weaton gave a great review of this test. CLT is growing strongly.