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Free College Can Happen To You!

Yes, you read that correctly. College Prep Genius is here to teach you all the tips and tricks in which you can ace the SAT and get FREE money for college (no strings attached)! Jean Burk’s program will give you all the inside information on how to get money for college, put together a college transcript, and become a logic-based thinker. Jean will debunk myths & misconceptions, all while providing you all the information on how to stop fearing the SAT. We’ve helped THOUSANDS ease the worry of having to figure out a way to get free college and we can help you too! Tune in as we help guide you with how to ace the SAT, build an amazing college transcript, and charting your course for high school success and beyond.



Free College Can Happen To You– who we are and what you can learn during our journey together. Stay tuned, it’ll be a fun ride! Second Episode:  Don’t Fear the new SAT– the Common Core changes have everyone wondering what is going to happen and not to worry- we’ve got you covered!

New Format! Moderated by Felice Gerwitz with Host: Jean Burke! Brought to you twice a month full length sessions to

help you ace the tests, prepare for college and select the best college to help you with your future plans and goals!