Digital College Prep

Digital College Prep

131: Digital College Prep

These are the websites I mention in this episode on Digital College Prep. If your high schoolers participate in the High School Challenge offered annually in the summer by show sponsor FundaFunda Academy, they will participate in assignments using websites like these, as well as many more.

Every summer, show sponsor FundaFunda Academy runs a College Prep contest during June and July. Students use online resources and games to learn about college prep – and also earn points that can win them prizes. Learn about the High School Challenge here (it is for rising 9th -12th graders and only for homeschoolers)


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Digital College Prep

MOOCs – how to use them for yourself and your teens

MOOCs How to use them for you and your teen

Episode 32: MOOCs – how to use them for yourself and your teens


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MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses

The start of MOOCs is typically accepted to be in 2011 when Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig from Stanford offered an online course on artificial intelligence. Over 160 000 people from all over the world registered (including my younger son). There were a few MOOCs before this but this is the one that set MOOCs on the map.

Characteristics of MOOCs

  • Usually taught by college professors at a university level
  • Initially, they were typically free, but that is no longer the case though many are still free to audit, you will pay to get a certificate
  • Most start and end on specific dates, but some are self-paced
  • Tuition is via streamed videos but some classes will also have reading material and some live hangouts
  • Many will have automatically graded quizzes. Some also use peer reviews
  • Students can interact with classmates and teaching assistants in online forums

What are the main MOOCs?

EdX – started by Harvard and MIT offers some AP and high school classes as well as college-level classes.

Coursera – many of their short courses are grouped together to offer a “microcredential.” They monetize by a monthly subscription model. But they do still offer many courses that are free to audit.

Futurelearn is UK-based and owned by The Open University. Exams are behind a paywall and you have to pay for certificates but quizzes are usually accessible free.

Udacity is the MOOC provider that grew out of that first MOOC, but isn’t allied to any university. It offers “Nanodegrees” related to Information Technology which consists of a number of courses with human-graded projects, some mentorship and assistance finding a job afterward (ie an alternative to college). But they also still have individual free courses with basic quizzes and interactive coding assignments.

Best way to find a MOOC?

Visit Class Central and search for a topic you are interested in. This website clearly shows all the opttions, if a class is free, when it starts and how it has been rated by students.

Why parents should consider MOOCs

  • It’s a way for you to keep up with whatever you studied in college
  • You can expand your interests to new fields
  • You provide a role model for your children as they see you sticking to deadlines, not giving up with hard work etc

Why teens should consider MOOCs

  • They can get access to classes that will stretch them academically
  • You can use them as interesting electives (provide credit based on how many hours your child spends on the course)
  • See them as college-prep. Teens will get a taste of what college-level work is like.
  • Be sure they add them to their LinkedIn profiles or digital portfolios
  • They might use their experience taking a MOOC in a college admissions essay as it shows they want to be challenged academically and are ready for higher-level work.

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College Success

Finish Well Radio Show, Podcast #087, College Success with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio NetworkCollege Success

In College Success, episode #087, Meredith Curtis talks about how to thrive, not just survive in college. Whether you are dual enrolling, commuting, or moving to another state for your college years, you will appreciate this practical, encouraging advice. You can excel academically and stay strong in your faith!





Proverbs 1:5 by Laura Nolette and Powerline Productions, Inc.

Powerline Productions, Inc.

Being World Changers, Raising World Changers!

We offer books and ebooks to help you homeschool to the Glory of God!



Show Notes

My College Story

  • New Christian
  • First Bad Grade
  • Nursing Major (starting new curriculum junior year)
  • IV, Christian Fellowship, Making Disciples
  • Close Relationship with my Grandparents

What is College Success to You?

Picture Yourself at the End of College.


Your Life Reflects Your Priorities.

Your Priorities Reflect Your Purpose.

What are you living for?

What does your life say?

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

  • Put God first always. Matthew 6:33, Psalm 127.
  • Stay plugged into a local church. Never neglect your family. College is one season; family lasts forever.
  • Connect with godly, genuine Christians on campus.
  • Stay pure; constantly cleanse your mind. Set your standards now and refuse to lower them.
  • Know the Word and Biblical Truth.
  • Know why you believe what you believe.
  • Know the world’s philosophies and learn to evaluate everything by the Truth.

Ruling and Reigning in Academics

Time Management and Scheduling are probably the biggest factors to academic success…even more than brains!!!!

Study Time and Study Habits

Make the Most of this Opportunity. Get the Best Education You Can.

Keys to Success

  • Working hard pays off.
  • Write Well:clear arguments, analysis, organization, complete sentences
  • Read Well: find main points, underline, take notes in margins
  • Take advantage of all your professors offer.

More Than Just Classes

  • Life Preparation & Career Exploration
  • Lifelong friendships!
  • Athletics, clubs, etc.: Choose wisely!
  • Build relationships with your professors.
  • Seize academic opportunities
  • Internships
  • Study Abroad
  • Workshops, networking, and more

Making Disciples in College

Witnessing in the Classroom

They are falling away like flies. Maybe just need to hear one person speak up.

Don’t be intimidated. Walk in your authority in Christ.

Gospel first; everything else second.

Remember they are broken sinners inside for all their pride.

Always learn from your mistakes.

Win them over. C.S. Lewis tactic: start from their side and lead to yours. Live your faith WELL! Respect others.

Pray for those who will be in your class!!! I have done this every single semester.

Outside the Classroom

Intentional relationships for evangelism.

Sit with new people at lunch and share the Gospel.

Pursue with love. Serve. Text. Pray for them.

Invite to coffee or lunch.

Join groups specifically for evangelism.

Learn how to turn conversations to Christ. Know some good questions!

Learn a basic Gospel presentation or two and get comfortable with it.

Be part of a VIBRANT CHURCH to be your net!!!

Start Now Being the Kind of Person You Need to Be


Worldview Podcasts

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #070, What Is Your Worldview?

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #070, What Is Your Worldview?

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #071, When Worldviews Collide

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #071, When Worldviews Collide


Unlocking the Mystery of Homeschooling High School by Meredith Curtis and Laura NoletteCareer Choices and the College Decision by Meredith CurtisCommunications 101:Essays and Speeches High School ClassAmerican Literature & ResearchWorldview Understanding the Times by Meredith CurtisGreat Commission Course by Meredith CurtisReal Men 103: LeadershipA Wise Woman Builds by Meredith Curtis




Tech skills teens need before they graduate

Tech Skills Teens Need

Episode 18: Tech skills teens need before they graduate

1. Computer basics

  • Saving / Copying / Uploading files
  • How to take a screenshot
  • Typing skills
  • Troubleshooting

2. Familiarity with different types of software

3. Online etiquette

  • Emails
  • Social media

4. Online research skills

  • Identifying credible sources
  • How to use Google Scholar
  • How to create bibliographies

5. Basic coding

  • STEM fields will require it
  • Many others will use it for manipulating data etc.

How do you do this?

  • Start young and incorporate tech into your daily homeschool life
  • Keep listening to this podcast and play earlier episodes that help you do this
  • If your kids are already in high school and have some catching up to do, our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy has some classes to help you. Take a look at Computer Applications which covers everything mentioned above except programming (their 5-week or full semester Python class will cover that)

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Tech Skills Teens Need Before they Graduate

College and your Roadschooler

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.53.36 PMIs preparing your children for a college education one of your goals as a Roadschool mom?  Does a college education hold the weight it did in our parent’s generation?  Does the cost of a college education guarantee a return on the investment for your child’s future?  On this episode, Mary Beth and Kimberly reconnect with former guest, Jay Forte, of Get Your Kids Ready for Life.  Jay is a coach, a motivational speaker and a mentor found on college campuses and he shares with us his incite on higher education.

You can find the Parents and Students Assessment test we discuss on the broadcast here:

And you can tune into Jay’s podcast here:

Time4Learning_Share_Images_03This episode is sponsored by Time4Learning, Online Curriculum.  To start your free trial go to and enter promo code “ROADSCHOOLER”