Virtual Community Service Opportunities

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Virtual Community Service Opportunities

78: Virtual Community Service Opportunities

The coronavirus and social distancing have made it harder for our children to be involved in community service projects, but thankfully there are still many virtual community service opportunities.

Students should keep records of the community service they do as it will help them win scholarships and look impressive to colleges. In addition, they can achieve certificates and medals in the Congressional Award program.

Show Sponsor, FundaFunda Academy, is hosting its 3rd annual High School Challenge in April and May. 8th – 12th graders complete assignments related to preparing for college that earn them points. Students with the most points win gift cards or cash from $5 to $150. Lots of prizes, lots of fun, lots of learning!

Here are 9 ideas for virtual community service:

1. Virtual Babysitting

2. Virtual Greeting cards/emails

3. Fun and games eg create online jigsaw puzzles

4. Explainer videos/tutorials

5. Old weather: Use ship logs to transcribe historical weather data.

6. Zooniverse has a number of projects. Some are.

7. iNaturalist allows students to become citizen scientists and record observations about nature.

8. The Library of Congress has opportunities for students to transcribe, approve and edit historical documents.

9. All for Good is a website that lists many different volunteer opportunities and some of them can be done virtually.

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