Compassion in an interconnected world

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Compassion in an inteerconnected world

171: Compassion in an Interconnected World

This episode covers ways to help people around the globe in times of disaster. The websites mentioned are:

  • Charity Navigator – which provides a rating system for charities
  • Airbnb – search by the area where you want to support people
  • Etsy – Search for digital downloads and use the filters to search on shops in the area you want to support.
  • Shutterstock – blog post featuring some Ukranian artists on their website

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Compassion in an inteerconnected world

Destination:Inspiration episode #010 with author Julie Gorman and talks LEGO LOVE with Wally from the Wally Show!

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

On this episode of Destination: Inspiration, Jen and dear friend Julie Gorman chat candidly about what homeschool looks like for a busy traveling author, her new book, and the power, grace and goodness of God’s workmanship- YOU!

We also get an inside glimpse of the amazing #LEGOLOVE project launched by Wally of Way FM’s The Wally Show to bless the children of Compassion International in Haiti.

Tune in- you won’t want to miss it!


D-I with Julie and Wally