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Creating for Christ | Have you wanted a business, what about creating for Christ? Well today's guest, Michelle Ruschman is a work at home mom who has created beautiful items! | #podcast #christianpodcast #homeschool #homeschoolpodcast #creatingjewlery #christianartist #entrepreneurCreating For Christ Episode —- with Michelle Ruschman and Felice Gerwitz

Have you wanted a business, what about creating for Christ? Well today’s guest, Michelle Ruschman is a work at home mom who has created beautiful items!

Michelle was a special speaker in the “Come My Beloved” seminar series. You can still access the video here. This was a powerful series of video and audio presentations for those who need encouragement, coming beside them and alongside them in their faith journey.

Our sponsor is Media Angels, Inc. You can find out more information about the one-week conference “Come Away My Beloved” on the website here. 

Michelle Ruschman is an award-winning writer who writes for GO! Christian Magazine, a professional artist whose art has been displayed in the Pensacola Museum of Art each year since 2018, and a jewelry artisan is best known for her line of dichroic glass crosses, Beautifully Broken.  Her jewelry business, starting out as a cultural expression featuring the original writing system of the Philippines, baybayin, is now focused on her faith and the ministry of each piece of jewelry she makes.

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Show Notes:

Michelle creates amazing jewelry and beautiful crosses! Michelle shares her journey about how she came to Christ in 2009 and she started her jewelry business the year before as a cultural expression. As a first-generation Filipino immigrant, she came to the US as a two-year-old. It was not until I became an adult that she learned about their original writing system.  After looking for a piece of jewelry that featured this writing system and not finding it anywhere (after she had determined that they were going to be Christmas gifts that year.), she ended up learning the script and how to translate it. And it ended up being a business.

People really responded to it especially in the Filipino American community where we were trying to hold on to the roots in their heritage. And she starting to sell internationally. People were very kind but then leading up to 2009 she was ready to connect with God and so her jewelry took an entirely different turn. It was as if the prodigal daughter came home and Michelle wanted to use her artistic talent for the Lord. She was ready to follow the Lord and went to a Christian conference. Later the Lord prepared for the purchase a kiln after her dad had passed away from cancer. She felt this purchase was in honor of him. She was able to apprentice but claims she was horrible at it, to begin with, however she still needed to find her expressive voice.

At the Christian conference, the Lord gave her a vision and a focus and she created her broken crosses. She shared that she is able to get many things done since the Lord wakes her up anywhere from three to four o’clock and she gets up and prays, then she gets ideas for her art or she writes. Getting up so early allows her to make good use of her time.

Michelle shared about her topic of Jesus being safe and she taught this in her session on the Mom’s Retreat here.

She also attended my Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference where I met her and learned so much for our amazing speakers.