Giving Kids Time to Think with Felice Gerwitz

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Giving Kids Time to Think | Interview with Felice Gerwitz on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast NetworkLifeSkills101 Episode: Giving Kids Time to Think

Interview with Felice Gerwitz of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

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In this episode of LifeSkills101, we dive into the importance of giving kids the time and space to think. We’ll join Felice Gerwitz, a prominent figure in the homeschooling community and the founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network. Felice shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. She shares how parents and educators can foster an environment that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in children.

Giving Children the Room to Think for Themselves

The conversation begins with Felice emphasizing the significance of allowing children the room to think for themselves. She explains how this practice promotes independence and self-reliance, empowering kids to make sound decisions and explore their interests. Felice underscores that giving children time to think does not equate to neglecting them; instead, it’s about striking a balance between guidance and freedom.

Throughout the interview, Felice touches on the role of curiosity and how it fuels a child’s innate desire to learn. She discusses various strategies, including open-ended questions, discussions, and hands-on experiences, that parents and educators can employ to stimulate critical thinking and keep children engaged in their education.

Patience While Processing

The episode also delves into the concept of patience and its importance in nurturing a child’s thought process. Felice emphasizes the need for adults to resist the urge to provide quick answers. Instead, give children the space to formulate their own solutions and ideas.

Felice’s expertise in the field of homeschooling shines through as she shares valuable insights on tailoring educational experiences to suit a child’s unique learning style. She discusses how homeschooling allows for a more flexible and personalized approach, which is conducive to fostering independent thinking and lifelong learning.

Tune In to Learn: Giving Kids Time to Think

Tune in to this enlightening episode of LifeSkills101 as Felice Gerwitz shares her wisdom and practical advice for parents and educators seeking to empower the next generation with the life skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent or not, you’ll find valuable takeaways on how to give kids the time they need to think and thrive.

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Math is a good tool for learning to think critically

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Math is a good tool for learning to think critically

228: Math is a good tool for learning to think critically

Today’s guest is Elizabeth Weaver and she loves math and is enthusiastic about its ability to aid us to think critically! Elizabeth lectures at Roane State Community College, a homeschool co-op, and also teaches the Agebra 2 class at show sponsor FundaFunda Academy.

In this episode, Elizabeth answers these 4 questions:

1 Why is critical thinking important?

2. Why is math a good tool to practice it?

3. Why are word problems important?

4. What should parents look for in a math curriculum?

Overall takeaway – realize the potential math has to help your children think critically and make sure the curriculum you use achieves this. Listen to the full episode to learn more.

Take a look at show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy to see what they offer for online classes and web-based unit studies.

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Math is a good tool for learning to think critically

Digital Breakouts

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Digital Breakouts

Episode 14: Digital Breakouts

—> Check out our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy‘s classes and web-based unit studies for Spring 2019.

What are Digital Breakouts?

They are similar to Escape Rooms – just all online!

  • Instead of physical locks, the locks are virtual and you enter the solutions via Google forms.
  • The puzzles are online: videos, jigsaw puzzles, google maps etc might all be utilized
  • There are minimal directions – click around and think what can fit
  • The solutions can be – dates, words/phrases, numbers

Some hints to get you started

  • Dates might not be an exact date given – other info given might be needed to calculate a date.
  • Numbers – what can be counted? Are there items you could add together?
  • Look for words that are underlined / different color
  • Click around looking for hotspots that link to another web page

Why they are great

They teach critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. And they add an element of fun to the material you are studying.

Where can you find them

* Breakout Edu
* Teachers Pay Teachers and search for them
* Google “digital breakout” + topic
* FundaFunda Academy has two: Mystery of the Amber Room and Mosby’s Treasure. These are great for families to play together.

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Digital Breakouts