Do you have homeschool curriculum overwhelm?

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homeschool curriculum overwhelm | Do you have homeschool curriculum overwhelm? See what a plan, a budget, and a philosophy of education can do to set you free.

Seriously. Do you have homeschool curriculum overwhelm? I know that sounds like a crazy question. But, how many hours do you spend looking for the perfect curriculum? How much money do you spend on curriculum that you end up never using? How often do your choices end up in tantrums or tears? Maybe even your own!

My Story with Homeschool Curriculum

My oldest child had attended a private Christian school, classical in nature. He would come home in the evenings with homework that consisted of repetitious parroting. The idea was learning took place by rote memorization. It made sense at the time, but I did feel strongly that we could do just as well at home without the private school price tag.

I received a copy of World Magazine in the mail and I ran across an ad for the Noah Plan. The idea behind it of applying Scripture as our main source for reasoning spoke to my heart. I ordered the Plan. When it came I sat on the floor surrounded by a giant dictionary and big red books. And I cried! I was overwhelmed!

I’m sure you can relate. I spent a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of tears on something I’d never seen or handled before. Though in my case it worked out, for many years–so, it turned into a happy ending. But, it would’ve been great to have had a full-size sample of the program before I put down so much money.

Options for Curriculum Shopping

So, you might be wondering what are your options concerning curriculum shopping? If you have “overwhelm,” join the crowd, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What’s the remedy?

  1. Know your educational philosophy
  2. Have a plan

If you don’t visit a homeschool convention where you can see, touch, and ask questions, you can find yourself a little shy about spending a significant amount of money on a product.

There are online samples from many vendors and curriculum providers, but sometimes a sample isn’t enough to really try out the curriculum. Sally might love the sample because it’s new and different but may end up not liking it after a couple of weeks.

You can visit Amazon, eBay, and used or consignment bookstores to try to get some curriculum on the cheap. There are even some great Facebook groups that specialize in freebies.

If you decide to buy or sell online or in a group, keep in mind the following:

  • price-comparison shop among eBay and Amazon
  • ask for pictures
  • check the edition
  • know the condition
  • ask if it’s marketed up on has writing inside
  • ask if they have permission to sell it (some things have a copyright that prohibits resale)

Maximizing Savings and Eliminating Trial and Error in Curriculum Shopping

While completely free homeschool curriculum is great and can save you money while you’re trying something out, you sometimes want more than the freebie version.

A complete, free, and sequential homeschool curriculum is hard to find. There are a couple of popular ones out there, like Ambleside and Easy Peasy and they are pretty awesome. But, what if you’ve even tried that? You might be looking for multiple grade levels and some variety. And the last thing you want is the feeling of “overwhelmed.”

Some additional sources of free curriculum visit:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Google
  4. Free printables
  5. Homeschool websites dedicated to freebies

Stop Searching for Freebies and Start Planning Your Homeschool Year – minus the “overwhelm”

If you’re ready to stop searching for freebies and start planning your homeschool year, you’ll want to check out the Build Your Bundle sale. It’s a once-per-year sale that combines high-quality curriculum into super affordable bundles. No samples! No “freebies” – all bonafide curriculum from top curriculum providers are crazy limited-time pricing.

If you want to maximize your savings during the Build Your Bundle sale, here’s how to do it. I’m going to show you how to get $5000 worth of curriculum for $370.

You’ll need 7 different transactions. The check out is super easy. Know that these are all digital products. You’ll need to follow the download directions.

Price for all bundles using the Buy 2, Get 1 free deal is $370.

Here’s the breakdown:

Order #1 –

Charlotte Mason Bundle $49.00
Elementary Bundle #1 $39.00
Elementary Bundle #2 FREE

Order #2-

Elementary Bundle #3 $39.00
Upper Grades Bundle #1 $39.00
Upper Grades Bundle #2 FREE

Order #3-

Character Bundle $29.00
Early Learning Bundle #1 $29.00
Early Learning Bundle #2 FREE

Order #4-

Early Learning Bundle #3 $29.00
Parenting Bundle $29.00
Fine Arts Bundle FREE

Order #5-

Homeschool Helps Bundle #1 $19.00
Homeschool Helps Bundle #2 $19.00
Unit Studies Bundle FREE

Order #6

Homemaking Bundle $15.00
Special Needs Bundle $15.00
Brother & Sister Bundle FREE

Order #7 (remaining Bundles)

Mystery Bundle $10.00
Thematic Units Bundle $10.00


You may not have children in all the ranges the Bundles cover, and you may not have an interest in each product in the Bundle, but let’s look at each of the Bundles together. You’ll soon discover that they have such tremendous value you can pick and choose among products in each Bundle, save some product for another time, whatever your heart desires. ūüôā

Early Learning Bundle #1

$225.89           $29.00

This Early Learning Bundle is full of preschool and early learning resources you will love using with your little ones.

Inside you’ll find a fun math unit, sight word practice, a full reading curriculum, Bible curriculum, a craft pack, a phonics, and penmanship curriculum, a life skills pack from Skill Trek, and much more.

Early Learning Bundle #2

$228.30           $29.00

The Early Learning Bundle #2 contains so many resources for your little ones at 87% off!

  • Sight Word Early Readers
  • Preschool Basic Skills Bundle
  • Phonics & Penmanship Curriculum
  • 2 Complete Reading Curricula
  • A full homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5
  • Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z¬†‚Äď a full preschool curriculum
  • A math resource
  • And more!

Early Learning Bundle #3

$207.65           $29.00

If you have an early learner and you are looking for curriculum, this bundle is for you. Take a look at what’s included:

  • Animal Play¬†‚Äď a program for 2-3-year-olds that uses colorful books, songs, games, and activities about animals to introduce the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors.
  • Fruit for Tender Hearts¬†‚Äď a homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5.
  • Kindergarten Complete¬†All-Inclusive Set (over $140 value alone!)
  • Other supplemental resources for teaching early learners

Elementary Bundle #1

$360.10           $39.00

This bundle for elementary students is so full of awesomeness! Inside you will find The Mystery of History, Writing Through Ancient History, a complete handwriting curriculum, Bible activity book and American history resources.

You will also get your hands on science resources, such as Ellen McHenry’s NEW geology curriculum, and the¬†Learning About Science Collection. Math, spelling, and a full first-grade curriculum valued over $160 round out this bundle and make it a must-have at just $39!

Elementary Bundle #2

$357.47           $39.00

Our Elementary Bundles are always super popular and full of great products and this year is no exception!

Inside you will find the best-selling audiobook for The Mystery of History and a folder book to go along with it from Bright Ideas Press. You will get your hands on a full vocabulary curriculum, science resources, a full year geography curriculum, and a life skills curriculum for elementary students from Skill Trek.

Also included are grammar resources, a cursive handwriting curriculum, a devotional study for making wise choices, a complete first-grade curriculum valued at over $160 and more ‚Äď all for just $39!

Elementary Bundle #3

$349.16   $39.00

The Elementary Bundle #3 is overflowing with language arts resources! Looking for a reading curriculum? Look no further. You will get 2 complete reading curriculum levels from Homeschool Complete in this bundle, along with the full Word Family Readers curriculum and other language arts products for spelling and grammar.

Your students will enjoy learning about habitats, animals, scientists, the solar system, and weather with the fun science curriculum found in this bundle.

If geography is your thing, you will love the research guide to the 50 states that’s included! And our very own Truth Seekers Mysteries with Study Guides (valued at 53.94) and Media Angels books are a Cathy Duffy Top Curriculum pick.

There is so much more to be found in this fun bundle that is priced low at just $39 ‚Äď 89% off!

Charlotte Mason Bundle

$348.81           $49.00

We hope you are as excited as we are with the products contained in the Charlotte Mason Inspired Bundle!

Some of the products found in this bundle include:

  • The Mystery of History¬†Volume III Audiobook & Folderbook
  • Primary Unit Program¬†from Train up a Child Publishing (valued at $95 alone!)
  • Wayfarers: Revolution¬†from Barefoot Meandering
  • BiblioPlan’s¬†Early Modern: Remember the Days¬†Audiobook
  • Writing Through Medieval History
  • Charlotte Mason Planners
  • High-quality copywork
  • A course on Shakespeare
  • And More!

Upper Grades Bundle #1

$352.76           $39.00

The Upper Grades Bundle #1 includes a popular worldview book from Master Books, math resources, art history curriculum and a Bible activity book.

You will also find A Wrinkle in Time Online Book Club and  Design Your Own Literature-based High School Courses from Train up a Child Publishing.

There are so many awesome resources included in this bundle for just $39, along with The College Prep Writing Curriculum: Write to Achieve! that is normally priced and $167.97!

Upper Grades Bundle #2

$342.74           $39.00

This bundle is geared toward middle school and high schoolers and contains 2 math resources, language arts, writing curriculum, and history resources.

You will also find a Bible curriculum, a devotional on making wise choices, a course on Shakespeare for 7th-12th Grades, life skills curriculum from Skill Trek, and more!

Essay Styles for High School from Train up a Child Publishing is regularly priced at over $40! Grab this bundle for just $39 and save 89%!

Unit Studies Bundle

$172.83           $19.00

The Unit Studies Bundle is full of resources you will use for years to come in your homeschool, and it’s 89% off!

Take a look at some of the features of this bundle:

  • Country study notebooking pages for almost 200 countries
  • United States study
  • BiblioPlan’s geography unit
  • History & government resources
  • Science resources
  • Artist study
  • Holiday unit studies
  • And more!

Character (Building) Bundle

$223.82           $29.00

Our Character Bundle is always a best-seller and this year it is full of high-quality Biblical resources that you can put to good use in your home.

You will find resources for:

  • Growing as a Proverbs 31 woman
  • Building a Godly marriage
  • Missionary studies for the whole family
  • Children’s Bible activities
  • Child training tools
  • Scripture reading plans
  • Prayer Selections
  • Faith Journaling Pages
  • Hymn Study Pages
  • And MUCH MORE!

Don’t miss out on this faith-building bundle that is 87% off!

Thematic Units Bundle

$207.88           $10.00

The Thematic Units Bundle contains 21 individual products for all sorts of unit study fun. The wide variety of resources in this bundle includes something for everyone.

Your children will enjoy:

  • Watching a movie and writing a report
  • Nine themed writing prompts (with 180 total writing prompts)
  • Practicing fractions using Legos¬ģ
  • Writing a book report with the¬†Book Report Pack

In addition, you get the tools to do a country study, teach how to compare and contrast, as well as teach your children about holidays with fun lapbooks and unit studies.

Learn about famous scientists, celebrate Black History Month, and make learning fun with the language arts resources included ‚Äď all for just $10‚Ķ95% off!


Special Needs Bundle

$180.00           $15.00

Help equip your special needs children to excel to the best of their abilities. This Special Needs Bundle, valued at $180 includes a wealth of resources for helping your child with behavior and social skills and working memory skills.

Also included are resources for strengthening the midline and auditory and visual processing.

You cannot beat this price for just $15!

Homeschool Helps Bundle #1

$259.83           $19.00

This homeschool helps bundle is marked 93% off the total retail value and contains resources that will help you get re-focused on what’s really important.

Learn about different homeschooling methods, get questions answered, discover ideas on how to re-vamp your homeschool, find encouragement, and more! Also included are charts, graphs, templates, organizers, and homeschool planners.

Homeschool Helps Bundle #2

$272.10           $19.00

This homeschool helps bundle is a STEAL at 93% off! Chock-full of tools to help you whip your homeschool into shape ‚Äď 8 ebooks and 5 e-courses:

  • Homeschool Planners
  • Organization and Scheduling Helps
  • Convention Planner & Journal
  • Encouragement for your Homeschool Journey
  • And More!

With 3 products valued over $50 each, can you afford NOT to get this bundle for just $19?

Mystery Bundle

$210.32           $10.00

This is the 3rd year we have offered a Mystery Bundle and it is better than ever before! Do you remember getting grab bags from the Dime Store when you were a kid? It was so much fun digging into the brown paper bag to find out what awaited you. The Mystery Bundle is just like that, but full of homeschooling resources!

This bundle is, well‚Ķ.a mystery, so we cannot tell you what‚Äôs in it ‚Äď but for just $10 bucks here is a sneak peek into the contents:

  • Two history resources
  • Geography bundle
  • Themed unit study
  • A FULL reading curriculum
  • Copywork
  • Language arts supplements
  • Math products
  • 2 Homemaking resources

This bundle is geared more for elementary students with some resources suitable for early learners as well. There are no upper grades materials in this bundle.

Priced at 95% off, you will get over $200 in products for just $10 ‚Äď it‚Äôs totally worth the mystery!

Brother & Sister Bundle

$154.70           $10.00

This is a fun bundle with products for both boys & girls. Help your children learn how to get along better with the¬†Let’s All Get Along¬†Bible study for siblings. Teach them life skills with Skill Trek (one for boys & one for girls!)

With fun unit studies, paper dolls, cookbooks, and more ‚Äď your kids will be so delighted with this bundle, priced at just $10 ‚Äď 94% off!

Parenting Bundle

$264.78           $29.00

The Parenting Bundle contains a wealth of resources to arm you with the tools you need for success in your parenting and child training.

Some of the features of this bundle include:

  • Parent/child Bible study on how to choose good friends and be a good friend
  • Learn how to remove daily chaos with the routine approach
  • Develop a parenting plan that takes your child¬ís unique needs into account
  • Use family vision boards to strengthen the family culture
  • How to deal with a difficult child
  • Train your kids to be leaders and not followers
  • And much more!

Homemaking Bundle

$274.74           $15.00

The Homemaking Bundle not only contains homemaking goodies but also work-from-home resources.

Get access to organizers, calendars, chore charts, record keeping, office organization tips, and more. Skill Trek’s homemaking set includes info on meal planning, storing leftovers, budgeting, and more. Still trying to figure out how to get your body back in shape? The Homeschool Mom Fitness Program is perfect for you.

Interested in learning more about working from home? Have you tossed around the idea of starting a blog? Yes! Homeschool moms can earn money working from home. Learn how with these helpful resources.

Get re-charged, encouraged, and motivated to be the best homemaker you can be ‚Äď all for just $15!


The Takeaway

With a plan, a budget, and a philosophy of education that reflects your own family you can conquer homeschool overwhelm. A try before you buy approach to curriculum shopping, like the Build Your Bundle sale is a great way to start.


PS. Here is the FAQ for how the Build Your Bundle works. Their awesome Customer Support can be found here.


Pick your favorite shopping guide to get you started planning! Just click & go below.


Click here for shopping tools!

Click here for shopping tools!

Roadschool Plans for Next Year

Roadschool plans for next year is the hot topic for Episode #143 from the Roadschool Moms team. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families,  broadcasts live from on location along the banks of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Across the country, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher calls in from Cahokia RV Parque near St. Louis, MO. 

The over the road duo reflects on last week’s Great American Eclipse 2017 and recaps upcoming events for the rest of the year. KT is the first to reveal her roadschool plans for the next year. While she has considered many shiny new avenues of curricula options, she decides the time is right for TJEd (Thomas Jefferson Education,) a curriculum that she has had her eye on for a few years. Timing is everything and this year the Travs will be using Tjed to guide their upcoming learning adventures. KT points out this method of homeschooling is a classical one. It employs leadership skills and other key foundations for an education rich in history and other key elementars to this philosophy. ¬†In addition, lesson plans in KT’s rig this coming year also include Mystery Science and Saxton Math.
Next up is the roadschool plans for MB’s crew. Morning Time will play a big role in the Road Trip Teacher’s school day for the upcoming roadschool year. Plans are mapped out for bible, character building, geography, music, art, and foreign language. The rest of the roadschool day in this rolling homeschool will be customized to each kiddo. The highschooler will be using Exploring America for 4 full credit this year covering history, geography, bible, and American literature. Teaching Texbooks will be used for Algebra 2 while science will be covered with the Experience Astronomy course that was highlighted in an earlier Roadschool Moms podcast. On an elective note, this roadschooler is building a business plan for a t-shirt design business that will receive a full credit after its completion (that includes a semester’s worth of economics from Notgrass History.) Two middle schoolers in this rig will follow a similar schedule using America the Beautiful in its full capacity for the study of history, geography, bible, and American literature. Teaching Textbooks will be used for math and the Apologia Creation series for science. The Road Trip Teacher is a big fan of Evan Moor and will use different workbooks to focus on certain areas specific to each student. The third grader on the Roadschool 101 crew will be using ¬†Time4Learning for much of next year’s lessons plans. She uses interactive notebooks and notebooking binders for each of those elementary subjects.

Looking for a roadmap for your next learning adventure? Scroll through the RSM library on iTunes to find more than 130 podcast replays.

Homeschool enrollment is on the rise. More and more families are moving into a home on wheels. As a result, the¬†Roadschool Moms¬†record this¬†broadcast to present¬†resources that meet the challenges of today’s roadschooler. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America‚Äôs backyard.

Roadschool Moms:  Season 11


How Homeschoolers Can Express Gratitude

We all want to raise grateful children. But it can be a challenge to find ways to teach them to express gratitude. In this episode, I share groups of people who are deserving of our gratitude as homeschoolers and unique ways we and our children can thank them.

Unique Ways for Homeschoolers to Express Gratitude: Podcast


You can also read this podcast as a blog post.


How to Leave an ITunes Review from Your iPhone or iPad

Black Friday Savings on Psychowith6

the homeschool motivation on demand podcast episode

2:1 conference

Grammar Galaxy

Which of these unique expressions of thanks do you want to make first? Let’s chat about it on Facebook.

Have a happy homeschool week!

RSM: Live from FPEA!

Choosing Curriculum That Works For You

Choosing Curriculum imgChoosing Curriculum That Works For You

Episode 4

Curriculum!! ahhhhhhhh …. Choosing a curriculum is probably one of, if not the biggest fear of new homeschoolers. In this podcast, we walk you through choosing curriculum that works for your family. Tips and advice on selecting the right homeschool curriculum. Move past the fear of selecting curriculum with help from FPEA.


We have compiled a list of good curriculum resources below for you to explore. Not every curriculum works for every family or every student. What might work for some students, won’t be a good fit for other students.

Concerning homeschool curriculum, the good news is there are many choices and sources. The challenge is there are hundreds and hundreds of materials from which to choose. Florida does not require any specific curricula or even specific credits for high school; you are free to select the materials and the courses best suited for your children. It is important to know why you have chosen to homeschool and to be somewhat familiar with the different educational philosophies ‚ÄĒ traditional, unit studies, classical, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, etc. The approach you take usually drives curriculum choices. Attending an FPEA-sponsored homeschool orientation will help you understand the factors to consider in making informed choices. It is also advisable to consider the learning style and the successful/unsuccessful education experiences of each individual child. Some curricula are better suited to a specific learning style or a particular subject.

The Guide to Homeschooling in Florida¬†includes¬†a full directory of “tried and true” home education teaching materials. Please contact those companies¬†to access their catalogs so you can begin to search for the materials that interest you. Long-time favorite catalog companies are R.O.C.K. Solid (, Timberdoodle (, CBD ( and Sonlight ( The best catalog companies are owned by homeschool parents, have great descriptions of their products, and offer a wide selection of some of the best materials. In the Orlando area, A.C.C.E.S. ( offers a variety of homeschool curricula and has a public warehouse where you can preview them.

Most libraries and bookstores have homeschool magazines that contain reviews of different teaching materials and encouraging articles. Your library may also carry 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy, a highly recommended resource. If you choose to homeschool with a particular philosophy (classical, unit studies, traditional, etc.), specific books recommend curricula based on it. In addition, many local libraries host FPEA-sponsored homeschool orientations.

Some good curriculum resources


Answers in Genesis

Beautiful Feet Books

BJU Press/HomeWorks by Precept


Classical Academic Press

Common Sense Press

Cornerstone Curriculum

Creating a Masterpiece

Demme Learning/Math U See


Fun-Schooling with The Thinking Tree

Good Steward Books, LLC

Great Leaps Reading and Math

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Jim Hodges Audio Books

La Clase Divertida( The FUN Class!)
Lamplighter Publishing

Landi English

Logic of English

Memoria Press

Mr D Math

Nature’s Workshop Plus

Pandia Press

Rainbow Resources

RightStart Mathematics by Activities for Learning,
Rod & Staff by Bible Way Books
Rosetta Stone Homeschool

ShillerLearning: Montessori at Home
Simply Charlotte Mason

Sonlight Curriculum
Souns for Literacy

Teaching Textbooks

Usborne Books & More


Join us this September in Sanibel Island for both fun and learning. Make a staycation of of this FPEA STEM Conference. Sanibel is a beautiful area with lots to explore.

Sanibel STEM

Summer Roadschool Rules

Summer Roadschool Show ButtonIf you’re looking for a list of rules to make your summer roadschool awesome, you’ve come to the wrong place! Our Roadschool Moms team wholeheartedly agrees that¬†we generally steer clear of any set-in-stone, cookie-cutter parameters that could inhibit or stifle our roadschoolers enthusiasm to learn something new everyday. In this episode, Mary Beth and Kimberly use their radio time to talk about the ways they plan to keep their traveling homeschoolers on the learning adventure this summer. Click play to hear more.

  1. One of our favorite summer traditions in the Road Trip Teacher rig, is our summer journals. This is something we’ve been doing for many years (even before we started living fulltime in an RV.) It is a simply constructed journal of paper (lined, colored, blank, or a combination) bound together to be used to document all the summer activities to come. Giving your student a few ideas is a great guide to help him get started such as
  • write or illustrate the weather daily or in a weekly summary
  • make a summer leap list at the beginning of the journal to talk about all the things you would like to accomplish during this season of sunshine
  • use it as a daily diary of thoughts or inspirations
  • make a photo scrapbook of sorts to document one picture daily or weekly that represents the time period

2. Take advantage of travel plans to delve into state history facts and information. This project is even more fun if you will be hitting different areas of the same state so that differences in  Again, by planning a notebook or binder for this state study, it gives your roadschooler a place to record state symbols, cut out the state song to play later if he is musically inclined, investigate the different areas in the way of topography, rivers and lakes, and the different terrain across the area. If your summer travel plans will take you to a specific region of the U.S., these state study guides can be grouped together to represent that as well. This is a wonderful record of time spent that will be referred to time and time again.

3. Sometimes, homeschool plans are so full of all the basics, it’s hard to consistently fit in the extra-curriculars. Summer is a perfect time to take advantage of music, art, or other areas of special interest:

  • There are tons of music curriculum out there that allows a student to formally study the subject. One of our favorite ways to enjoy music curriculum is with Super Quiet Learning Time from¬†¬† These are easy lessons with no planning involved that can be enjoyed by all ages under a tree during a picnic or anywhere you please! You might even find that one of your roadschoolers enjoys a particular composer and for that, this fun site has Squilt Spotlight studies.
  • It’s no secret that Art + Outside = Super Summer Fun. There are so many different ways to enjoy art, sometimes it’s overwhelming to pick just one medium. So don’t! Try something new each week of the summer that you may or may not have tried before. A favorite from the Road Trip Teacher’s crew is chalk art pastel drawings. ¬†The Roadschool 101 crew especially enjoyed the lessons from the American Landmarks tutorials.
  • Have your kiddos shown an interest in a particular sport, activity, or musical instrument? Use YouTube videos and plan a chunk of time to further their interests. If you summer travel plans are really flexible, research an instructor or private tutor and block out a few weeks of lessons. This is something that will be a reward long after the instruction is over.

4. ¬†No matter where in the world you are, summer and nature just go together. This is the perfect season to spotlight a nature study. Compiling a nature journal ahead of time so that details of the world around your roadschooler can be written down is an added bonus. Keeping a nature journal for three months so that what she¬†sees and what she¬†hears can be recorded will make her a better observer. As the leader of this trip with Mother Nature, drop in subtle reminders to look for the little things, pay extra special attention to what you hear at night when all is quiet, and note the weather for one place to another. Using a nature study to spotlight your summer roadschool is a great way to cultivate your learner’s senses and enjoy every ounce of what the season is all about.

But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.      Job 12:7-10

5. ¬†No matter what the season or direction of your roadschool rig, reading is a great way to keep your learners moving in the right educational direction. Summer feels like freedom so this is a great time to let your readers sample all kinds of material. Download these free reading calendar pages from the Learning Shoppe over at Road Trip Teacher and post them in a central location. See who in your household can fill a month’s worth of reading activities.

6. ¬†Take advantage of the¬†summer holiday spotlight over Independence Day. Let the research begin before you arrive to your early July destination and see what the area you will be visiting has to offer in the way of history, activities, and firework celebrations. If July plans in your rig aren’t firm yet, check out these great July 4th destinations from Fulltime Families.

7.  If you entire summer is up in the air, make your summer roadschool a mystery trip! Last year, the Roadschool Moms shared you their Top 10 Summer Destinations. Use that as a guide to map out all the places your traveling tribe would love to see in the lush, green season of summer. How many can you mark off before the leaves fall later this year?

For information on how you can catch up with the Roadschool Moms duo this summer, check out their schedule for the 2016 season.

To listen to the Roadschool Moms’s plans for summer roadschool, tune into the May 1st episode of Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

Grammar Galaxy: a Language Arts Curriculum Out of This World

Grammar Galaxy: The Homeschool Sanity Show
If you have a beginning reader, you’ll be interested in this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. I share the curriculum I’ve created to engage young readers and writers as well as an exclusive discount for podcast listeners only.

Listen on iTunes

Homeschool Sanity on Facebook

Encouragement from an Expert

learning in spite of labels



Joyce Herzog (teacher/author/consultant/speaker) has been a friend to homeschooling families for over 20 years.  Listen to this interview and be encouraged to help your children learn in spite of labels, or in spite of curriculum that does not seem to be working, or in spite of the naysayers!!  Curriculum is to be a guide, not a god!  Joyce offers all kinds of great advice and she shares a few secrets that teachers never tell!



How to Teach Patriotism & Politics

How to teach patriotism and politics to kids of all ages. Don't miss these amazing free resources from Founders in this podcast.Lynn SchottWhether you think politics is a boring or intimidating topic to teach in your homeschool, you’ll want to hear my interview with Lynn Schott of Founders Academy. Her enthusiasm for the topic is infectious and the resources she provides for students of all ages (many of them free and very inexpensive) are amazing.

Listen in to learn:

  • How Lynn got involved in politics (it’s a neat story)
  • How she imparted patriotism and a willingness to participate in the political process to her children
  • The amazing project she has her government students do (that adults should do, too)
  • How your high school students can complete semester-long classes in just eight weeks this summer

You can find free online classes at Founders Academy and follow Lynn on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Play Podcast