Get Organized! A Roomless Approach to Functional Homeschooling

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The takeaway was simple: homeschooling isn't about a specific room but about being flexible and understanding what's best for each child's learning.As we head into the Holiday season, let’s talk about decluttering for the holidays as well as setting up for a great spring semester of learning!

Today, Lisa Nehring is talking with Wendy Zanders about the need for a homeshcool room, holiday clutter and prepping for spring learning!

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Do you really need a homeschool room?

Setting Up for the Holidays 🎄 Creating Holiday Memories to Cut Down on Clutter Prepping for Spring Homeschooling 🌼 the transition smooth and stress-free.

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Rethinking Homeschooling: A Functional Approach to the Homeschool Room

In a recent talk about homeschooling, the focus shifted to the idea of a “Homeschool Room.” The talk challenged the need for a set classroom space.

One family’s experience stood out. They didn’t prioritize a traditional room but rather focused on what worked best for their kids. Their setup was wherever the kids felt comfortable to learn—bed, porch, or the dining table.

They avoided clutter by using online resources instead of paper books.

They organized borrowed books to avoid misplacing them. The focus was on making things practical and adaptable.

Understanding their kids’ unique learning styles was crucial.

They realized not all kids learn well by sitting still, so they embraced movement-based learning. They mixed exercises like burpees or jumping jacks with memorization techniques, which surprisingly worked well.

Their story suggested that a “Pinterest-worthy” Homeschool Room isn’t necessary. A beautiful but unused space is merely for show, not for learning.

The takeaway was simple: homeschooling isn’t about a specific homeschool room but about being flexible and understanding what’s best for each child’s learning.

The talk concluded with advice for new homeschooling families: don’t feel pressured to recreate a school-like environment at home. Embrace diverse learning spaces and styles; it’s often better for a child’s education.

Ultimately, it’s not about the room; it’s about the approach and the individual needs of the children that truly matter.

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