Encouragement for Moms Homeschooling through Military Deployment

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This week Crystal Niehoff shares some encouragement and inspiration for moms.Episode #28- For the military spouse who is trying to hold the family together on the homefront, deployments are challenging, to say the least. Add homeschooling to the mix, and it can be positively overwhelming. On this episode, Crystal shares encouragement and advice from milspouses who have been there for the mom who is homeschooling while her spouse is deployed.

Homeschooling provides consistency and stability in the midst of military life. Plus, it offers flexibility. Want to travel or relocate temporarily during a deployment? No problem. Your homeschool goes with you wherever you go. Your kids won’t have to change schools, adjust to new teachers, or struggle to make friends with new classmates mid-year.  It also allows your children to be available for those precious moments when dad is able to call or facetime with them, even if it’s after bedtime or during a normal school day. Added bonus- the time spent with your children while your spouse is deployed will bond you all closer together.

But home-educating your kids while solo parenting can be draining and leave you feeling like you’re in survival mode for the nine months or year that your spouse is away.  Listen in to find encouragement and some workable solutions to help you homeschool through the next deployment.

Join Crystal and her guests each week as they bring relevant information to equip you, stories to encourage you, and content to inspire you. You don’t have to go it alone; tune in to the Military Homeschool Podcast and be energized in your military homeschooling journey!

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Single Moms of Boys – MBFLP 144

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Parenting is hard enough when everything’s perfect. It’s really hard when you have to be a single parent — however you got there — and being a single mother raising a boy is nothing to sneeze at.  Both our mothers were widows with teenagers at home, and so we’ve seen up front some of the struggles single moms go through. This episode we talk about some particular issues a mom with a boy may be facing when there’s no father in the home — whether Dad’s gone to heaven or gone to Iraq.

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