Deschooling: What, Why, and How (Replay)

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Listen in to learn more about deschooling as a way to reframe and reset the joy of learning for both you and your child.Episode #22 – On this week’s episode, learn how you can use deschooling to reframe and reset the joy of learning for you and your child.

Deschooling is the process of detaching oneself from traditional schooling methods and structures in order to allow for more creativity, freedom, self-expression, and peace. This is done over a period of time, during which you do little formal school work in order to reset your child’s natural love of learning.

Deschooling can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and preferences as well as the needs of your child.  You may also find that during the deschooling process,  you adjust your understanding of and approach to how your child learns best. During this time, your child isn’t expected to complete worksheets, study from a textbook, or sit to listen to boring lectures. Deschooling is a time of reframing our ideas of how, when, and where learning takes place.

Some ways to deschool:

  • Read to your child often.
  • Play educational board games.
  • Include your children in everyday life.
  • Get outside! Go for walks, hike a nature trail, bike ride, play at the park, go swimming.
  • Attend concerts, plays, art exhibits, and sporting events.
  • Go to the museum, zoo, or aquarium.
  • Make frequent trips to the library.
  • Create or build.
  • Watch documentaries and educational TV shows and videos.

Learning doesn’t require textbooks, worksheets, or a classroom. Learning can happen anywhere, day or night. And the great thing about homeschooling is that we know that our children are always learning! As parent/ teacher we can allow our children the freedom to learn in whatever mode suits them best, even if that means on the couch or floor, standing or moving around, frequent breaks, and incorporating hands-on practice.

Listen in to learn more about deschooling as a way to reframe and reset the joy of learning for both you and your child.


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