A Birth Story with Angela Pudwill (Sue’s Daughter)

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A Birth Story with Sue's Daughter, Angela Pudwill - part of the Homeopathy: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond CourseIn this podcast, Sue shares another part of the Homeopathy: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Online Course – a birth story from her daughter, Angela.  Angela shares her birth story and tells about her journey through her pregnancy and childbirth and how she used homeopathy along the way.

Angela Pudwell is Sue Meyer’s 24 years old daughter, ​married to husband​, Keith, ​of 4 1/2 years​, and ​the proud and thankful ​mother to beautiful baby girl Quinn. ​Her career passion and current focus of study is ​massage therapy​ with an in-depth study of​ health nutrition and personal training.  “My husband and I fell in love in high school and ​were married in our early twenties. ​Our 4th anniversary gift from God Himself was that I gave birth to our first baby, a ​beautiful little ​girl, named Quinn Sabina (named after the Saint and homeopathic remedy, Sabina). Since I had such a trying time during my pregnancy, I’ve committed myself to learning more about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum care and nutrition.”  



Learn about gentle yet powerful homeopathic remedies that can support and empower you in your journey from pregnancy, childbirth to beyond. Sue Meyer ND CCH for this journey of motherhood from pregnancy to birth and beyond.   In this new online course, Sue shares helpful homeopathic remedies and other experiences that she has learned through her life as the mom of 11 children and 33 grandchildren (with more on the way!).  This course is for pregnant women and their partners, birth assistants, doulas, midwives and other health professionals to learn how to use homeopathic remedies throughout the birthing journey.

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Pregnant When The Time Isn’t Right – MBFLP 128

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MBFLP - Pregnant When The Time Isnt Right

“Children are a blessing of the LORD,” the Psalm tells us … yet sometimes, we wonder if that’s always true. When you lose your job and then announce that you’re expecting, people look at you funny. Maybe the new baby is closer to big sister than you planned. Maybe you’re in the middle of a difficult relocation. There are any number of circumstances that can make you question whether this is a good time to grow your family … or wonder what you were thinking when you started the pregnancy you’ve got. We’ve been there! And this episode, we talk about what we learned and what you can do to make an awkward pregnancy a blessing again.

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