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Digital Breakouts

Episode 14: Digital Breakouts

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What are Digital Breakouts?

They are similar to Escape Rooms – just all online!

  • Instead of physical locks, the locks are virtual and you enter the solutions via Google forms.
  • The puzzles are online: videos, jigsaw puzzles, google maps etc might all be utilized
  • There are minimal directions – click around and think what can fit
  • The solutions can be – dates, words/phrases, numbers

Some hints to get you started

  • Dates might not be an exact date given – other info given might be needed to calculate a date.
  • Numbers – what can be counted? Are there items you could add together?
  • Look for words that are underlined / different color
  • Click around looking for hotspots that link to another web page

Why they are great

They teach critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. And they add an element of fun to the material you are studying.

Where can you find them

* Breakout Edu
* Teachers Pay Teachers and search for them
* Google “digital breakout” + topic
* FundaFunda Academy has two: Mystery of the Amber Room and Mosby’s Treasure. These are great for families to play together.

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Digital Breakouts