Leadership Principles from the Life of Jesus

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Leadership Principles from the Life of Jesus

In “Leadership Principles from the Life of Jesus,” Episode, #180, Meredith Curtis looks at Jesus’ example of leading strong. See how He treats His followers, makes decisions, and accomplishes His mission. You can apply these leadership principles to parenting, homeschooling, ministry, and at work. Jesus is our perfect example in every way and He provides the Holy Spirit so we can lead like Him.




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Show Notes

Jesus lived a perfect life and left us a perfect example. As we follow Him and walk in His footsteps, we can experience freedom and joy!

God’s Will Alone

  • No polls, social media investigating
  • Prayer, fasting, time with the Father
  • “I have come to do the Father’s will”

Authority / Anointing

  • Confidence
  • Declare the Truth
  • No compromise
  • Began ministry after Baptism in Holy Spirit

Servant Leadership

  • No self-promotion
  • Serving other
  • Washing Feet
  • The cross

Love Deeply – Meet Real Needs

  • Questions, Listening, Ministry
  • Not trying to win people’s affection
  • Had compassion
  • Said hard things people needed to hear

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Live Life with His People

  • Not separate, set apart
  • Travel, eat, talk, hang out
  • Let people see Him up close
  • Lives are changed in the context of relationship


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Leadership Resources

Our curriculum and Bible studies work great at home; or in church, homeschool co-ops, and online classes, too! 😊

The Making of Real Men by Mike Curtis with Powerline Productions, Inc. A Wise Woman Builds by Meredith Curtis Celebrate Our Christian Super Heroes by Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette at Powerline Productions, Inc. Real Men 103: Leadership


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Mentoring Others by Building Relationships and Trust

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Mentoring Others by Building Relationships and Trust All around the world, women are seeking others to walk this journey with them. So many grew up in broken homes, through divorce, death and just need someone to help them learn the beauty of loving their husbands and their children.

It seems like it would be easy to find someone to walk this journey, but it isn’t. One of the things women lost when we left our homes and entered the work force, is the ability to be vulnerable because of the new theme “You can Have it All because YOU are WOMAN.” Too often, women are afraid to ask for help because of this mentality and others are afraid to offer to help for the same reason.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Every moment we are influenced by others around us. It’s time to let down the barriers and find those people who will influence us for selfless reasons for the glory of God.

Join me today, as I share a beautiful talk with Connie Albers. She is a wife and mom who has graduated 5 children from homeschool, worked with Disney World, Estee Lauder, Conventions and other companies, but she always kept her family first. I know you are going to be encouraged and find a new perspective on building relationships and trust with others who are sitting right beside you.

You can find Connie:  on her blog ConnieAlbers.Com  , Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin