Important Stuff We Forget To Teach – MBFLP 175

We all start homeschooling knowing that we’ll have to teach reading, spelling, math … all the traditional classroom subjects. But we quickly realized there were some things that “just happened” in school, and now that we’re the school, we need to make plans for them. Unfortunately, we meet a lot of homeschool families who are missing out on some important topics that don’t normally show on a transcript – but are critical for their kids’ future! You don’t want to miss this episode …

Some Resources We Mentioned: 

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MBFLP – When Should You Get Your Kids Their Driver’s License?

MBFLP - Drivers License

When we were teens, we couldn’t wait to get our driver’s license — it was a rite of passage! But we hear over and over in homeschooling circles a refrain that leaves us puzzled – and concerned: Families reluctant to help their young men and young women take this step toward adulthood, and in some cases, actively discouraging them. Is it too expensive to insure them? Is it because the family can’t afford another car? Or is there something else going on? We’ve trained four young drivers and are starting with number five, and we’re opening up the question in Episode No. 68 – When Should You Get Your Kids Their Driver’s License?