10 Reasons Abortion is the Most Important Issue in the 2020 Election

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #121, 10 Reasons Abortion is the Most Important Issue in the 2020 Election, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

10 Reasons Abortion is the Most Important Issue in the 2020 Election

In “10 Reasons Abortion is the Most Important Issue in the 2020 Election,” Episode, #121, Meredith Curtis shares why the most important thing about a candidate is not just his or her stance on abortion, but what the candidate will do to put an end to the taking of innocent life in our nation. Meredith explains how abortion derives the unborn of their civil rights, takes innocent lives, damages relationships, avoids responsibility, harms the national conscious, and devalues human life for all citizens.




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Show Notes

There are so many issues in this election, but I am convinced abortion is the single most important issue.

A Candidates Stand on Abortion

I only vote pro-life and here’s why.

How a candidate deals with the abortion issue tells me about his moral integrity and depth of leadership.

Abortion Is

  • Morally wrong
  • The Taking of an Innocent Human Life
  • A Message to All People that they are not inherently valuable

A Nation That Kills the Innocent Will Suffer

A nation that kills the innocent will not go unpunished.

There is bad fruit that follows abortion: infanticide, euthanasia, cancel culture, rioting, looting, murder.

Turns morals upside-down

Who Gives our Civil Rights?

God, not government

Who Protects Rights?

Government is called to protect the rights God has given. Those rights don’t change because the government changes his mind.

  • Free speech
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • Right to bear arms
  • Trial by jury

Rights of Unborn Human Beings

Children in the womb have rights before the Lord. How is abortion considered a right when it takes a life?

Abortion Harms Women

We talk so much about empowering women, women who have abortions suffer from incredible emotional pain.

Abortion Damages Relationships

“How could you kill my child?”

“How could you want to kill your child?”

Should we let our child live or die? If you would kills your baby, am I safe with you? If you want me to kill our baby, am I safe with you?

Abortion takes the security out of relationships.

Abortion Avoids Responsibility

One thing that we face in our nation is the socialist/communist agenda that wants to destroy the family. But does it really start with socialism and communism?

The family is God’s idea. From the time of creation, satan has tried to destroy the family.

When we move out of God’s created order (men becoming providers, marrying women, having a family, staying married for life), we create a bunch of people enjoying forbidden fruit without taking any responsibility. You can see the quality of adults our culture of promiscuity is producing.

Abortion Harms the National Conscious

Abortion skews our moral compass. We instinctively know abortion is wrong, but folks deceive themselves into acting like abortion is okay.

There is already talk of legalized pedophilia. When we degrade ourselves, the degradation moves forward like an avalanche.

Abortion Devalues Life for All Citizens

People are valuable because they are made in the image of God. When a person can be killed arbitrarily, it sends a message to all that they have no value.

Candidate’s Moral Integrity

Do you trust a politician that does not do anything in his or her power to protect the innocent?

Candidate’s Leadership

Is your candidate wanting to enjoy political power or lead with moral integrity (do the right thing!)


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Online Election Resources For Students

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Online election resources for students

99: Online Election Resources For Students

With the upcoming election, this seems to be a good time to talk about online election resources for students.

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Race to 270 – simulation that teaches about the electoral college
The Issues – choose reading levels for explanations on what different parties believe about different issues
Kid Reporters – articles about the election written by students

Redistricting Game
5 missions that teach what gerrymandering is

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Fanschool Politics allows students to draft “teams” of states or Congress representatatives and track how “well” they do. Visit the website to read all about it

Electing a President web-based unit study
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Online election resources for students

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