Emergency Mode is NOT a Lifestyle! VoA 3

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The unexpected happens and you are suddenly living in emergency mode. Things are a blur. At this point you are not even sure you what you made for breakfast. Your body can’t keep up with that type of stress for long. Your family won’t be healthy and happy living in emergency mode.

This is not a lifestyle!

It’s time to make some changes!

One of my most sought after workshops is ‘Peace in an INTENSE home’. I hear you friends. Life is rough and with special needs in the house things can get out of control fast. Let me help you get your breath and find a way to make positive changes in your home to create a peace-filled home.

First step is to start on your knees in prayer. With God on your side let’s explore the other ways you can help yourself get out of emergency mode. Also, we will be talking about how to help others help us. Creating a strong support system to help you and your family in times of trouble.


Emergency Mode is NOT a Lifestyle! ~Victory over Adversity


Join me today in talking emergency mode and stressed living. Whether this is an acute or chronic issue its time to adjust and bring peace to our families.

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