The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson.

The Power of a Homeschool Parent, Interview with Anita Gibson

The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson

Vicki is joined this week by one of our favorite friends, Anita Gibson. Anita is the author of Star Finder, face behind the encouraging Facebook group Simply Homeschool. She is now an advisor for Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Anita’s got a lot going on these days. Her youngest just got married and she is busy in the new year as a homeschool advisor. Anita is so busy but she believes that when “you’re called to something, it doesn’t feel heavy.” Being able experience people being helped and blessed is a powerful reward. That’s what Titus 2 women like Anita are doing in this phase of life.

Speaking of being powerful, Anita and Vicki wanted to talk today about the ways homeschooling parents can find their personal power and their resource power!

Anita Gibson

Anita Gibson. Photo used with permission.

Anita wants homeschooling parents to know, that if God has called them to homeschool, He has plans to give them the strength and wisdom to homeschool. Homeschooling can be so intimidating when we start out. As Anita says, “Sometimes you just have to do it scared!”

Here are Anita’s tips for finding your power as a homeschool parent:

Anita has some words of wisdom for us.

Find a place and time to reflect and rest

This may sound impossible, but even homeschooling parents who are ALWAYS with their kids can find a one or two minutes per day to close the door (even the bathroom door), maybe lock it, and reflect on what God has given you and He is walking right there with you.

Remember when God, back in the burning bush, called Moses to serve Him, Moses’ first thoughts were: I can’t do this! But God gave him strength, wisdom, and people to help.

God actually is here to give you resources, inner strength and wisdom to homeschool!

Increase your knowledge about homeschooling

  • No matter where we are in the process, there is always something new to learn about homeschooling (well, isn’t this ALL of life? ALWAYS learning?)
  • If you are a newbie homeschooler:
    • What are your state laws?
    • Who can you connect with? (Look for kindred spirits. You don’t need to join every group, look for groups and people that feel comfortable to you.
    • Learn from folks in these groups how to do it. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
  • What are the available support systems, digitally (like Anita’s Facebook group and 7Sisters Facebook group)?
  • Find podcasts (like some of our favorite Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network podcasts about homeschooling high school). Check out these:

Minimize the rest of your life

There are probably some things you will need to set aside for this phase of life. This is because even homeschool moms need to be able to focus on homeschool…and a little margin.

  • Planning
  • Quality time for presence with your homeschoolers
    • Setting aside phones, work and laundry to be totally focused on your homeschooler so that you know well their:
  • Personalities
  • Strengths
  • Struggles
  • Interests
  • (If you haven’t checked out Anita’s book StarFinder, do)
  • Your kids don’t need 24 hours focused attention, but you need enough time to know them.

The more you are  in God's presence,  the more his life  flows through you. -Anita Gibson

Concentrate on relationship during the homeschool high school years

As our friend, Melanie Wilson, says: Relationship before rules. Your relationship with your teens is what will be most enduring. Concentrate on making it a good relationship.

Get organized

If you don’t feel organized, you will feel out of control and chaotic. You don’t need to be an organization expert, just enough organization to keep your peace (and your teens’ peace).

  • Do your planning (check out 7Sisters Authoritative Guide to Planning Homeschool High School)
  • Create syllabi for your homeschool high schoolers’ courses
  • Agree on schedules that work for your teens (get their buy in)
  • Agree on environment
    • Do you need to have a “do school in your clothes, not pjs” system
    • Do you need to have a space to homeschool
  • Do you need a chore chart?
    • Anita has found a study that teens’ brains works more slowly in a cluttered environment because it is spending some time processing all the stuff as they try to focus on their studies.

Life is so much better when there is the right about of structure for your homeschool!

Grow in your faith in God

Anita found the most help in finding her power as a homeschooling mom as she did Bible studies that helped her understand God and herself.

Deepening your relationship with God and yourself helps homeschooling parents:

  • Confront and heal their fears
  • Confront and heal their tempers
  • Create a loving, healthy and calm environment for family and learning

The more you and your teens are in the presence of God, the more we become like Him.

Join Vicki and Anita for a powerful discussion on the power of homeschool parents (and find Anita at, and check out our other interviews with Anita: Getting to Know and Understand Your Teens and Helping Teens Believe in Themselves.


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The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson

We Don’t Mom-Shame at Homeschool Highschool Podcast

This week on HSHSP: We Don’t Mom-Shame at Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

We Don’t Mom-Shame at Homeschool Highschool Podcast

Join Vicki and Sabrina, together in the same room for this week’s episode! It’s been a while since they have found the time to get together, what with Sabrina traveling so much. Hey, if you need an inspiring speaker with a gripping story, contact her.

In this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast, we are talking about *mom-shaming*. In short: we don’t mom-shame!

Mom-shaming is easy to fall into: When life isn’t working out how we want it to, it is easy to project our frustrations onto other (whether we know we are doing it or not). Then we begin to judge. Then we begin to correct others (whether they asked for it or not). Then we begin to fix others (whether they asked for it or not). That’s mom-shaming.

Mom-shaming is especially easy when we are on social media, because the barriers to slow us down are so low. That’s sad because when we mom-shame, we create a culture of fear.

We don’t mom-shame at 7Sisters or here on HSHSP.

Motherhood is all about guilt, so it is easy to feel guilty without our friends’s help.

We don’t mom-shame! With age we 7Sisters have learned a thing or two about grace and patience over the years (whether we asked God to teach us that or not). All our homeschoolers have graduated and we found that they all have different:

  • Personalities
  • Needs
  • Abilities
  • Interests

We could tailor their academics and extracurriculars into a box that some friend, some speaker or some publisher says we should use.

But tailoring our many kinds of kids into another person’s box is a destructive strategy.

Instead, we recommend that you look at each child. Ask yourself:

  • What can you invest in them?
  • What tools can you give them individually?

Then boldly begin to invest in your homeschoolers the best that you can, knowing that you will be good enough by God’s grace…but that you will need His grace.

boldly begin to invest in your homeschoolers the best that you can, knowing that you will be good enough by God's grace...but that you will need His grace.

In the early days of homeschooling, there were a few big voices (opinionated thought leaders who sometimes said that homeschooling needed to happen THEIR way). Now that we have the internet, there are not just a few big voices. Rather, there are many voices and a some of them will say THIS is the way to homeschool. They sometimes imply the ominous: If you don’t homeschool OUR way, you are dooming your kids!

The real truth is: Our kids and our families are on a journey of growth and discovery. Each journey is different. We need to be sensitive to the needs of each of our homeschoolers. That’s why we don’t mom-shame.

Remember: We invest in our kids the best we can but God is in charge of the outcomes. (Thanks to our friends, The Fletchers at Homeschooling in Real Life, for that quote.)

So, want our advice?

  • Motherhood is all about guilt.
    • We will never do good enough in our own eyes. We can do the best we can.
    • The needs are infinite and we are finite, so we must daily go to HIM on how to handle things.
    • Sometimes this looks like a programmatic curriculum or philosophy, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • While each of us are individuals, we are also in need of community.
    • We can be good sisters in community.
    • When we feel the need to fix someone, pray first, ask a question…privately.
    • A kind question, not a leading question, not a point-out-your-problems question
    • If done in public, questioning is unkind and invites little but defensiveness.
    • Ask yourself: What is my intent?
    • Are you guided by humilty (beware of pride or fear on your part)?
    • Look to be a sister, a support, do not fix your sister.
  • Model this for your kids.
    • With curriculum: You kid-shame if you have feel you “have to do it this way, kids, suck it up and just do it.”
    • That could lead to shaping character that is harsh and rigid and teaching them to feel helpless and frustrated.
    • If they are writing a paper with seven tabs open that do not have anything to do with. If they are clearly doing something wrong, it is a parent’s job to point that out.
    • If they are struggling or bored, try something like this: “I see you are not liking Chemistry. What is not working for you?”
    • Ask questions that show you care, you are curious about what is working and what is not.

This is why’s curriculum exists. It is adaptable, no-busywork to fit many homeschoolers’ needs. However, we know that it will not fit everyone because there’s not ONE right way to do homeschooling! (So, we have a money-back guarantee.) To help adapt curriculum to needs: In each text or literature/writing guide, there are instructions on how to adapt to various goals and abilities. Also check out the syllabus available for many of the texts.

We want you to feel more confident as you grow in God’s work in you and your homeschoolers.

Check us out at

Join Vicki and Sabrina for encouragement and support and NO mom-shaming!

We don’t mom-shame at Homeschool Highschool Podcast

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