Mommy Jammies Night

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Mommy Jammies Podcast

Where life, business, and motherhood intersect.


About the Mommy Jammies Podcast:

Women are flexible, creative, and possess what has been called the feminine genius. We run homes, businesses, and with God’s grace, make life happen. We’re prayer warriors, sisters, daughters, and friends. We know how to fight the tough battles in life, leaning hard on Jesus.

Join me, Gina Glenn, each week as I talk with women  making a difference in their homes, their businesses, and their communities. We’ll focus on looking at how these women use Biblical principles in their outreach to be an example to their children and often a mentor to other women.

Be inspired by women who use their in-real-life stuff —businesses, volunteer work, homeschooling, and friendships, and marriages to make them the best Mom they can be.

About Me:

I’m a veteran homeschool mom of four children. I’ve volunteered for a wide variety of ministries over the years and parlayed that experience into my current work of the heart- my online business.

As my business has grown, it became more apparent to me that as a whole, women struggle with things like:

  • comparison
  • personality conflicts
  • balancing mothering and everything else
  • serving others

I’ve been witness to the day-to-day struggles that women have and realized that my own little ministry to others is one of encouragement. That’s what this podcast is all about, and how it intends to stay faithful to the original vision cast by Felice Gerwitz for Mommy Jammies. Felice saw so many women just plain overwhelmed and her desire was a time of respite and fun. That’s where the name is from!

So, we’ll be real here. No fake allowed. And we’ll put off all pretense and talk about the hard things that come with balancing being a mommy + anything else.

What you can expect:

A once weekly podcast that focuses on encouraging moms right where they’re at.

Twice Monthly.  I’ll be interviewing women who are doing the hard things and we’ll be chatting about how this heart’s work makes them a better mom.

Once Monthly. We’ll have a Throwback Thursday podcast where we’ll replay a vintage Mommy Jammies Night- including some that haven’t been in rotation for a while!

Once Monthly.  An action oriented podcast where we’ll break down a Biblical principle and encourage you to take action in your life.


What Mommy Jammies podcast isn’t:

  • This isn’t just a how-to blog, build an email list, or explode your social media following podcast.  We’ll talk to women who do that, but our focus isn’t that side of  business.
  • A women who work thing. The point of the podcast is to support and encourage women in whatever role God has called them to! We’ll focus on what Nancy Leigh DeMoss calls, “living out the beauty of the Gospel together.” Everything we do will focus on how *what* we do has an impact on our role as mom.