Shine for Jesus in the Business World

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fw_037_shinejesus_tallShine for Jesus in the Business World – Julianna Curtis and Meredith Curtis

Meredith Curtis interviews her daughter, Julianna, a technical analyst for VerizonĀ® to discover ways you can shine your light for Jesus in the business world. Julianna shares her adventures of radically serving Jesus in a strategic way to impact others. You will be inspired and challenged to make an impact an impact at your company too.


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MBFLP 105 – Reaching The Neighborhood Through Caroling

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

MBFLP 105 - Caroling - V

Even in a highly secularized world, the holidays are times when non-religious people often lower their guard against God’s truth. One way we reach out to our neighbors is with the old custom of caroling from house to house. It’s a great time of fellowship, too, and our friends and church-fellows look forward to this annual event! This episode we talk about the hows and wherefores of singing the Good News to your neighbors.




How we went caroling over the Internet when the rain started outside … [CLICK HERE]

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Christ-Centered Christmas – a unit study, cookbook, song sheet, and holiday inspiration!

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