Stress-Free Weddings II: The Team

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Stress-Free Weddings II: The Team

In “Stress-Free Weddings II: The Team,” episode #196, Meredith Curtis talks to families with a wedding on the horizon who long for a peaceful, joy-filled celebration.  In part II, Meredith helps you gather and utilize a team of friends and family members to get rid of chaos and enjoy smooth sailing through the photo shoots, parties, rehearsal, and wedding day. From the practical to the relational, you will receive wisdom from an experienced Mother of the Bride.




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Show Notes

You just found out! Celebrate, invest emotionally, make a plan with the couple

Take a Deep Breath!

In Stress-Free Weddings I: The Task, I share all the things that are part of planning a wedding. I encouraged the wedding planner (usually mom) to relax, celebrate, and pray first. Often a quiet dinner with the couple where they are free to dream big (later you can pare down) is a great start to the wedding festivities.

Another review – Things to remember

  • You are throwing a party for your family & friends to celebrate
  • You can be simple (low cost) or extravagant
  • A Wedding Planner with a Timetable is essential – I made copies of certain pages for certain people
  • God is the God of Miracles!
  • Pastor/Premarital Counseling
  • Bride & Groom Choose Support Team (wedding party)
  • Mom, you choose your support team because usually the wedding coordinator is you!

Who Can Be Part of Your Team

  • Parents of the Bride & Groom
  • Wedding Party Members
  • Siblings, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Other Family Members
  • Friends from Church
  • People Who Just Love a Wedding
  • Paid People – Photographer, Caterer, Florist, etc.

How Can You Utilize Your Team

To have a small or big part of the special day or preparations beforehand

  • Match skills to tasks
  • My friend Pattie had 1 task – to get the bride down the aisle on time
  • Communicate with others in charge of things (e.g. Rehearsal/Rehearsal dinner blunder)

Here are some things they might do

  • Pass out corsages & boutenierres
  • Carry an “Emergency Kit”
  • Keep Everyone Hydrated
  • Set up Tables for Reception
  • Decorate Tables for Reception
  • Build a Dance Floor
  • Cook and Bring Food for Reception
  • Make Wedding Veil
  • Make Silk Flower Arrangments
  • Make Decorations
  • Keep Punch Bowl Filled
  • Decorate Church (we had wedding party do this after rehearsal – everyone had a task and it went super quick!)
  • Set Up Photo Booth
  • Take Extra Photos during Ceremony & Reception (Wanda)
  • Designate a Photographer at each Pre-Wedding Event
  • Attend Guest Book
  • Play Piano or do a Solo

Ways to Communicate with Team

  • Keep a list – printed or in phone
  • Keep Everything CLEAR & CONCISE (people tune you out if you go into too much detail)
  • Repsonsbility Cards for Wedding Party
  • Talk with Anyone who is Offering to Pay for Part of the Wedding (have a backup plan)
  • Group Text (send reminders but don’t be annoying)
  • Lots of Smiles & Thank You’s
  • Thank You Cards

Be careful

Only use volunteers who are

  • Faithful
  • On time
  • Responsible
  • Kind

Things to NOT Delegate

  • Paying Vendors & Pastor
  • Helping Bride Get Ready
  • Welcoming/Greeting Guests

Wedding Planner Notebook

I created a wedding planner for my daughters and several close friends. Some opted to use the print version and other wanted the eBook to print only the pages that applied to them.

Everything you need is here!

Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner by Meredith Curtis









Purchase Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner eBook at

Purchase Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner in print at

You pick and choose what you want to include and not include. You choose where the money is spent. You choose how and when and where the big day will take place. A wedding planner keeps you organized.

With checklists and schedules,  you will be able to keep you head in all the planning. Family trees, memory pages, comparison pages, budget sheets, vendor payment tracking charts, table arrangement planners, sample invitations, sample schedules, and sample itineraries. But, there’s more!

The Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner has prayers, studies, and meditations to help prepare to be a godly wife. Discover where wedding traditions and symbols come from. Learn all about wedding protocol and who is responsible for what. And lots of Christian encouragment!

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Ultimate Christian Wedding Planner by Meredith Curtis Before the Vows Are Made - Premarital Counseling Workbook for Engaged Couples Real Men 102: Freedom, Courtship, Marriage, & Family God's Girls 103: Courship, Marriage, and the Christian Family High School Class
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Event Planning with Anna Knaub

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This week, I’m joined by True North Homeschool Academy Teacher, Anna Knaub, who is going to be talking with us about the important life skill of Event Planning!Successful Event Planning is a Life Skill


This week, I’m joined by True North Homeschool Academy Teacher, Anna Knaub, who is going to be talking with us about the important life skill of Event Planning!

Types of Event Planning:

  • Wedding
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate & Business
  • Holiday
  • Church
  • Fund Raising

Event Planning is a great “robot-proofed” job! It requires:

Event planners can make a LOT of money. And as parents, we know that we are planning events with regularity – from birthdays, to travel/ vacations, holidays and more!

Helping our kids understand the basics of event planning is a life skill – one they can monetize and serve others with!

How to help your kids get started with Event Planning as a fun Micro-Biz:

  • Pick and age group
  • Pick 4 themes
  • Come up with supplies- might require front end money for things like Table Cloths, etc.
  • Plot things out: Time frame, sample menu, decorations, items to purchase, who is making purchases,etc.
  • Pinterest is a great place for ideas as well as place to create themed boards as you plan


Lord of the Rings birthday

Community Service Log Sheets

The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer

Event Planning Club this spring through True North Homeschool Academy Student Membership Program. Purchase a yearly program, or monthly- up to 3 kids can take up to 3 clubs each semester.

Event planning club will include weekly “challenges” that will entail

Students will gain legitimate tools to have the foundations to pull off a real life event!*

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