Facebook Party

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Felice Gerwitz and her VERY SPECIAL guest –┬áLinda Lancour Hobar

We’ll be discussing… Are You A Martha or a Mary?

Tuesday October 12, 8:00 – Facebook Party and 9:00 Seminar on the MommyJammiesNight.com page

How to join the party?

1. Visit the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Page – see events!

2. RSVP to join!

3. Extra Points toward winning a prize for Bringing a Friend

Door Prize! For everyone! Thanks for coming – and as a thank-you we would like to share this song — it was written by Felice Gerwitz (who dose NOT write music) as an inspiration and prayer to the Lord thanking Him for the opportunity to homeschool. Right click and “save as” to place this audio on your computer. Please honor our copyright on the music – this is a special gift and not to be shared anywhere.