Rejoicing Daily with Israel Wayne

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Rejoice, You are RedeemedIt’s easy to think that everyone who homeschools is perfect (except you). When you walk into co-op, a Mom’s meeting or a convention, it’s easy to assume everyone attending and speaking at the convention/group grew up in a perfect home focused on Christ and they would turn their back on you if they knew the truth about you.

That, my friend is a myth and is completely untrue.

Everyone has something they are struggling with. Speakers, Moms, Dads, Grandparents: every single person has problems, struggles and sin.

I learned this, as I began talking with the speakers and vendors at homeschool conventions. I would not have the typical conversation with them about ‘which curriculum is best.’ Instead, I would ask the hard questions to identify what would be best for growing our children’s knowledge and wisdom in God so that He can open their hearts to the true learning, He has planned for them.

Israel Wayne was one of the first people I met who really shared from the heart. His story is one that will make you realize, this journey is never easy for anyone, but with God in the center, we can bask in the beauty of Jesus’ redemptive love and learn to Rejoice Daily!

I am excited to share this podcast with you today!

You can find Israel: Israel Wayne (blog), Family Renewal (podcast) and Facebook

Enjoy Rejoicing Daily with special guest: Israel Wayne 

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