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Family Health and Wellness – Life Hacks - Medicine Cabinet | Health Hacks with Felice Gerwitz and Sue Gross. Family Health and Wellness – Life Hacks: Medicine Cabinet  - Episode 516 | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #Blessingsfromheaven #FamilyHealthandWellness #LifeHacks #MedicineCabinet #Episode516 #HealthHacks #FeliceGerwitzandSueGross #FeliceGerwitz #SueGrossFamily Health and Wellness – Life Hacks – Medicine Cabinet ~ Episode 516

Are you ready for some family health and wellness hacks? In this upcoming series, your host, Felice Gerwitz, is joined by her long-time friend and wellness coach, Sue Gross. It was Sue who introduced Felice to another Sue, many of you know, Sue Meyer. Sue hosts Homeopathy for Mommies on this podcast network.

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Sue has been a longtime friend, and we met approximately twenty-five years ago, both as young homeschool moms with little kids. Sue has seven children, 27 grandchildren, and two grandchildren on the way! Her husband died two years ago, and she currently lives near her children in Minnesota. She has made it her lifelong mission to lose weight and get healthy after she moved back to Minnesota from Florida. She surprised us all after a visit at Christmas after her first year away, having lost over forty+ pounds and keeping it off. Of course, we all wanted to learn how she did this. (More information on the show.)

Today, we focus on some things you may already know, but others that will be news you are unaware of come out of our conversations. We talk about many random things, and what comes out of them is a wealth of knowledge, but just like you, I like to have resources to back what someone says because how can you believe what people say these days? This is very sad!

Sue has studied homeopathy, has discovered the available nutritional value in healthy eating, growing much of her own food, and is an avid gardener. She cans, preserves foods (her latest toy is a hydrator), and introduces us to an entirely new way to do laundry in the next podcast in the series.

I’m so excited to do this series here for those of you interested in a healtier lifestyle as well as bringing in some small changes to your life that won’t break the bank!

Health and Wellness Information Presented Today:

Some alternatives that will presented today include:

  1. Homeopathic remedies
      1. –three different sources, plant, animal, or minerals. We briefly discuss the definition of sarcodes and nosodes. 
  2. Essential Oils – we each prefer different distributors. Felice prefers DoTerra information here. 
  3. Herbal Tinctures–Hawthorne berries are excellent sources for heart issues. Comfry –bone knit. Oil/glycerin/alcohol… 6 weeks – strain. Creams/lotions —Colangelar psychosis, skin issues  
  4. Teas–raspberry leaf tea – pregnancy / stinging nettle–(antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties – aides in treatment of acne (amino acids), (Uritica Urens–homeopathic remedy) 
  5. Felice takes supplements from this wonderful company, 4-Life, and has seen an improvement in her health. After a year, her lab results came out great! Everything from diabetes, cholesterol and low blood pressure came back well within the normal ranges. Felice attributes it to taking great supplements (here is her store page for discounts) and healthy eating (mostly organics — but I do not cut out carbs or sugars entirely! And I love dairy.)
  6. Take the health assessment here.

We discussed stinging nettle – here is some information about the health benefits:

Stinging nettle is for skin and bone health. It acts as an antihistamine and is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has been used to treat skin problems and is high in amino acids, among other properties. 

Natural remedies fo illness:

  1. Honey-garlic infusion. For sickness such as the onset of colds or sore throats. Prepare this: for four to six weeks. Place garlic cloves to fill a half pint. Cover the garlic with honey and allow it to sit on the counter for four weeks minimum. Seal it with a canning lid. Use one teaspoon for illness.  
  2. For earache: 
    1. Mince one medium onion, place it in a saucepan, and cover it with water, just enough to cover the onions. Allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes – watch it as the juice can dry up quickly if the heat is too high. Allow the onions to become translucent. Give it more time if it has not cooked down enough. Strain this into a small clean glass jar, lightly pushing on the pulp to get the onion juice out. Use warm (NOT HOT) drops in the ears for ear aches. It works! My daughter had chronic ear infections as a child, and a fellow homeschool mom shared this remedy. It worked for all of my children, especially during the summer and earaches after swimming – it is good for swimmers’ ears.  
  3. Supplements4-Life – no heavy metals. Do your vitamins have heavy metals? I learned that my supplements check for this and often won’t accept or put supplements out to sell if they test high in metals! 
    1. Starter Pack for family wellness
    2. Supplements I have taken in the past for health issues.
    3. Family Fitness- To lose weight.

This podcast is for informational purposes only. Legal disclosure. 

The content on this podcast, Vintage Homeschool Moms, including text, graphics, images, or information contained in text or audio, or other content, is offered on an informational basis only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice and guidance of a qualified health professional before changing or making any adjustment to any medication or treatment protocol you are currently using.