Living on the Offense

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As the holidays approach, Kathy Lee gives tips on how to stay on the offense as a parent.The past few months have been exhausting… physically and emotionally. Although lots of great things have been happening, they have taken their toll. I have found myself moving from living on the Offense to living on the Defense. Have you ever been there?

I don’t think any of us make a conscience decision to live on the defense, but it happens slowly. We get off our routine. We stop taking care of ourselves because everyone else’s needs are more important. We decide that we can do “that” tomorrow. Some other reasons we move to the defense are:

  1. We make small concessions with our life that slowly eat away at who we are.
  2. We stop planning and start reacting.
  3. We believe (often because we are often told by others) that our dreams are unattainable and frivolous.
  4. An event (vacation, moving, etc.) takes us off our game.
  5. We make excuses for why the timing is not right for us right now.
  6. We fail to say yes to opportunities when they arise, believing we can do whatever it is later.
  7. We say YES to everything, even stuff that will take us down emotionally and physically.
  8. We believe we always have tomorrow.

As the holidays approach, I suggest you do the following to stay on the offense as a parent:


  1. Keep up with your routine. Bedtimes, exercise routine, and eating plans all matter.
  2. Set Priorities for you and your family. Decide what is important for this year. Christmas Cards might need to go on the naughty list.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no. Yep, the queen of YES is telling you it is okay to say no. You cannot do it all. I repeat. YOU CANNOT do it all.


Find a way to #sayyes today.

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MBFLP – Getting Along With Extended Family At The Holidays

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MBFLP - Getting Along with Extended Family at the Holidays
We all have them – people we love too much to ignore, but can really make a holiday gathering awkward. The ones who ask your homeschooled kids wouldn’t they rather ride the nice yellow school bus, or the ones who poke the new father in the ribs and ask “Don’t you know what causes that?”, or the ones who turn Thanksgiving into mudslinging and family worship into comedy hour. Sometimes they’re even members of our family! The Bible says, “As much as it depends on you, be at peace with all men,” yet we may find ourselves quietly praying, “How long, O Lord?”  This episode, we’ll tackle how to handle the challenges of “extended family” time with grace, dignity, and maybe a bit of humor as well.