For the Love of Florida…Kennedy Space Center

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For the Love of Florida…Kennedy Space Center

Podcast #66

For the LOVE of Florida…..take two! Welcome to episode #66 of FPEA Connects.

We talked last time about some of the earliest roadside attractions in Florida. Those that really cemented our tourist destination appeal….and several that you can still visit. So many of those attractions were founded in Florida’s natural beauty and the paradise that tourists had found here. And we LOVE all of those things. But I think both of us also have an affinity for the Florida we remember as kids. And some of those attractions we talked about last time were still popular. But as we move into the 1960s, Florida begins to explode with other exciting things that have become iconic tourist destinations. One of those destinations is the Space Coast. Kennedy Space Center.

First let’s do a little timeline history. Starting in the fall of 1961, NASA formally requested money for the initial land purchases on Merritt Island. Moving on through those next few years, buildings were constructed, launch pads built and the vehicle assembly building. That was a little before our time, but we know that with the building of the space program, Florida took on celebrity status… the form of astronauts. The area exploded with new housing, businesses, hotels….I Dream of Jeannie….and of course those who came fell in love with paradise too.

The 80s….space shuttle program was huge. After the ending of the Apollo program, the Space Program took a new turn with a new orbiter for manned space flight.

The Space Shuttle program has been retired, but the space program at the cape is still very active and thriving with both private and government launches occurring very frequently.  And now, there is the United States space force a proposed 6th branch of the military set to begin in 2020 that could be part of our future.

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Wild Florida Spotlight: Clewiston

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Wild Florida Spotlight: ClewistonWild Florida Spotlight: Clewiston

Podcast #60

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In this episode, we will SPOTLIGHT: Clewiston

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