Food Allergens Causing Strife?

You want us to stopping eating all gluten and dairy? Are you crazy I have 3 kids under 5 and they need their milk! I was a dairy farmer as a child, milk couldn’t be bad could it? And my BIG Italian family is expecting me to cook Thanksgiving dinner in less than 3 weeks. I can’t just wish everything gluten free.

When our child’s neurologist and later their developmental pediatrician strongly recommended we cut out a lengthy list of foods I didn’t understand how this could change a child’s behavior, learning, or even their basic health other than weight. I had a narrow view on how food impacts a person’s life. I now realize for my child changing their food was a foundational need in their life. Even to this day 13 years later!

Food Allergens Causing Strife?

Join me and find out how food can cause strife in your home and how to make that better! How to use your homeschooling lifestyle to correct food allergies and sensitivities. How I use dietary changes to help my 5 children regulate their behaviors and health.

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Episode 2, Food Allergens Causing Strife?


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