Adoption and Foster Care

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Foster Care and Adoption is possible when homeschooling

Are you considering Foster Care and possibly Adoption? Are you fearful about how to do that whether or not you homeschool? Many face that same fear. But, it is possible to follow the path of Foster Care and/or Adoption of God is leading you down that path.

Today, my friend Aurie from Our Good Family wants to encourage and equip you to begin this journey. Her family has (currently) Fostered 9 children with two currently in their home in addition to their two biological children while homeschooling.

During this podcast, Aurie shares the truth about the journey – it’s not easy, but it is filled with grace and joy.

So, press the play button and begin this journey or be encouraged if you are already walking the path of Foster Care and/or Adoption

In addition, you can find resources on Aurie’s blog:

You can find Aurie on facebook, twitter,and Pinterest as well as her blog.