Geocaching – Technology meets nature

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Episode 38: Geocaching – Technology meets nature


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Geocaching is a fun “treasure” hunt in nature to find hidden caches using GPS and your eyes 🙂

Go to the official Geocaching website and there you will find links to their app. The basic app is free and is all you will probably need but there is an upgrade if you want more options.

The app shows you all the caches in an area. Drive to one of them and use the app to find the area it is hidden in.

Be sure to check the app for all info before you start looking. You can find the size of the cache, a description, and sometimes even hints or photos. You can also read comments from people who have been before you. And you can see when someone last visited and if they found it.

If you find the cache, sign the log book. Some caches contain swag so if you want to take what you find, be sure to bring along some small items to put in the container. Now you can go and click on “Log Geocache” and have the pleasure of seeing the green icon turn into a yellow face!

Be sure to take along bug spray, water, and a first aid kit when you go geocaching as you will be climbing in bushes at some points!

This blog post contains a useful video to watch to show you how to use the Geocache app, and you can see photos of the 3 teens and me having fun trying it out.

If you have rainy weather and can’t go Geocaching, take a look at FundaFunda Academy’s digital breakouts. You will find them on the Teaching Resources page in the store. Perfect for families to try to solve together.

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