Fanschool games – bringing the fun of fantasy sports to education

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Episode 47: Fanschool – bringing the fun of fantasy sports to education with Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson first created Fanschool games when he was a teacher and he played it with his classes. A few years ago he put it online – and now your family can enjoy playing too.

Fanschool Games

You can find the 2 Fanschool games – Fanpolitics and Fangeopolitics – on their website. It is free to use for up to 35 people so perfect for a family to play against each other or to use in a co-op class.

These games require students to do research so they know which states or countries to select in the draft. These become their teams and they earn points based on how often their “players” are mentioned in major news sources.

In addition, Fanschool has special games students can play in Election and Olympics years.

These games are used by our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy, in their online World Geography class (for high school) and their online Government class. In these classes, students play against others from all over the USA to earn bragging rights and Extra Credit.

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